CRMnext Raises Funding from Norwest Venture Partners To Accelerate Global Growth

CRMnext has raised funding from Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) to accelerate the company’s global outreach and fuel investments into its research and innovation portfolio.

Retail CRM Provider Capillary Secures Strategic Investment from Amex

Bangalore based Capillary Technologies has secured a strategic investment (reportedly over $4 mn) from American Express Ventures.

Startup Academe Fuses Collaboration, CRM & Learning on the Cloud

The Academe suite consists of 3 major systems comprising of a collaboration tool called Learning management system to set up group assignments and community networking, an attendance management system and a video lecture composition and delivery system.

SAAS based CRM company, Impel puts TRAI’s NCPR list on the Cloud

Phone numbers registered on the TRAI’s NCPR portal are now identified with a crossed-out red phone icon in Impel CRM. This will immediately identify to the user that this number is in the TRAI NCPR portal and therefore should not be called.

Social CRM- Love It, Hate It, But You Cannot Ignore It

The concept of the social CRM has arrived to say the least. Almost every brand, emerging or established is now on Facebook fishing for ‘likes’.  More personal than the mobile phone today, social media encompasses markets across hemispheres and is…

“There are three types of Customers- True thought leaders, Follow the pack and Bargain Hunters” – CRMNext

CRMNext is a product from Acidaes, a Mumbai based company. The company has been in stealth mode for quite sometime (has clients like HDFC Bank, Reliance Mutual Fund, Tata AIG, CNBC TV18, Sodexo etc) and here is a qna with…

List of Free CRM Solution for Startups and Small Businesses

Free CRM solutions for small businesses and startups

ImplelCRM – SaaS product for Indian SMEs

Impel CRM is an integrated CRM solution that offers SaaS based CRM solution to Indian SMEs. Impel CRM offers several levels of configurability, dramatically reducing or eliminating customization. Users can personalize screen layouts, default views and sort orders. One of…

These 35+ Aged Entrepreneurs Don’t Get this!

When Idea made that ad about the mobile representing an individual and everything in their life, they were closer to the truth than they probably realized. WhatsApp did, and that’s what made it so valuable to Facebook.

Exploring Gmail API : Building A Gmail Alternative [And Loads of Ideas]

I was able to hack together a simple Gmail replacement in a couple of days. This is completely functional and I use it daily as my Gmail client.