Ride Sharing Startup PoolCircle Wants to be the eBay of Sharing Economy

The PoolCircle app allows you to track the location of your carpool partner, 15 minutes before the pick up time (and your ride partner will be able to track your location too) using GPS.

Ridesharing Startups Launch Counter Strike to Mumbai Bus Strike

The ongoing bus strike in Mumbai, has put people there in deep trouble and this time around, a few startups are pitching to help.

Weekly Recap: Making an Enterprise Startup Successful, Problem With Ridesharing Business & More

It’s the end of another eventful week. If you’ve missed it, here’s a summary of all the happenings from the week.

Ridesharing in India : Why B2C Doesn’t Work

Why do B2C carpooling or ride sharing services not survive in India? Is it the fault of the services or the consumers or just a plain attitude problem!

Startup Roundup : Letsride, AMC Craft, Udyan Tea, Invisiblebed

Carpool with friends and acquaintances at Letsride.in, pick AMCs from AMC Crafts prepaid AMCs, buy high quality from Darjeeling from Udayantea.com, use the space saving furniture at Invisiblebed.com.

Cubito Takes a New Route to Solve Traffic Woes

Cubito launched its service in Bangalore in July this year and services commuters travelling in the same route on a daily/frequent basis with its shared cabs.

Dial2verify Brings Missed Call Based Alternative to Captcha & OTP

A new startup, Dial2Verify, is hoping to take a crack at the missed call based services market. Their solution can be used to verify signups, generate leads, authorize transactions and validate user identity for cash on delivery e-commerce.

rBus Attempts to Reduce Mumbai Traffic by Creating Buspools

rBus.in attempts to address these issues by designing a ‘personal’ public transport system in the form of bus pools. The bus service provides you a stress-free commute via a point-to-point bus with guaranteed seating, flexible timings, and your level of luxury.

How Twitter, Google Docs helped thousands of stranded Mumbaikars find their way back #MumbaiRain

While many eventually found their way back when train services were partially restored, many who were tech savvy, came up with the hashtag #Mumbaicarpool on Twitter.

Bangalore based ZingHopper brings ride sharing to corporates (with privacy and security features)

You can join a ride or start a ride and fellow passengers can use ZingHopper’s messaging system to communicate with each other (without revealing any contact information) ensuring that the system is safe for all.