BK Birla is Back at Asklaila; Looking to Rebuild the Team

Former Asklaila (and ZopNow) co-founder, BK Birla will be reclaiming his position at the local information services marketplace, he said in a blog post.

Analyzing asklaila–Is It Time They Get Acquired?

asklaila needs to switch the gears and they (probably) need an external hand for this.

As far as Via is concerned, they need a vehicle to grow the deal service. The what/when/for how much is something that I won’t speculate, but all I know is that it does hurt to see Google adsense on asklaila site.

The Local Search Market in India–Traffic Check [JD and Asklaila Rule]

Local search market in India has been on a boil and off late, most of the local search players are busy figuring out expansion or monetization. Given the amount of funding that has gone in this space, it’s a matter…

asklaila launches Voice Search (Call Center Based)..Feasibility vs. Monetization

askLaila has launched Voice based search (yes!! voice based, i.e. call center driven) in Bangalore and plans to expand to other cities in near future. askLaila earlier tried voice recognition (did pilot/PoC with another startup) and while the company tried…

Your Questions to askLaila Founders

askLaila is one of the few startups who have managed to build a balance between speed and perfection – they have mainly grown by WoM (i.e. word of mouth) and have pretty much defined the distribution strategy for other local…

askLaila introduces Chat bots for IM clients – Yahoo Messenger and GTalk

asklaila has launched chat bots for Yahoo messenger and GTalk enabling users to conduct search for local businesses as well as movies and events on their IM client.

AskLaila to power local search on Airtel – Mobile, Airtel Live and DTH

AskLaila has partnered with Airtel for free local search on mobile, Airtel Live and DTH (which was part of Airtel’s DTH launch). The service is currently available in

askLaila testing click to call service (Google failed to implement in India)

Google failed to implement Click-to-call in India (advertisers weren’t pleased with the quality of service), and now askLaila is testing the service in it’s portal. The current testing is being done for restaurant query, Bangalore and is being tested upon…

AskLaila powers MSN Cities

MSN India has partnered with AskLaila and MSN’s India site is hosting the asklaila portal as a microsite (city section) : http://msn.asklaila.com Unlike the regular partnerships (which is API based) , this is a pure microsite deal which is surely…

asklaila launches mobile version of it’s local search product

asklaila has launched the mobile version of their local search product and the service can be accessed via sms as well as wap. To use the sms product, send your query to 58989, one can also set default city (so…