10 World-Class Apps from Indian App Developers

Thousands of app developers in India, but only a handful of apps that make a mark. This a list of 10 Indian Apps that have succeeded in being world class.

iOS Apps to Cost More in India & 4 Other Countries

iOS apps are going to cost more in India and a few other countries. According to a report, Apple will increase prices in Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa.

CreateUrApp Lets You Create Your Very Own Facebook Apps

CreateUrApp, a platform that automatically creates your Facebook app for you, no prior knowledge required.

Election Essentials: Apps for Gaming & the Uninitiated

The elections will be upon us soon. And Indian app developers seem to have picked which side they would like to be on, or rather, not be on.

Instant Messaging Apps Like Whatsapp Currently Operate Within The Rules: TRAI

The chairman of the Indian telecom regulatory body has made it clear that, the authority does not wish to intervene with regulating instant messaging apps and that the apps currently operate well within the rules.

RBI Expert Committee Recommends Bundled Banking Apps for All New Phones

An expert committee set up by the Reserve Bank of India has recommended that operators and manufacturers could pre-install a common mobile banking application to all new mobile phones and subscriptions that are sold in the country. For existing users,…

THE Collection: Startups and Apps for the Single and Ready to Mingle [2014 edition]

Last year, we’d published a list of apps and startups that help you find a real date.If you are still looking, here’s a new and updated version of the list.

Only 0.01% Of Apps Will Be A Financial Success By 2018. [Report]

Through 2018, less than 0.01%of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers.

Edu Startup Vedantu Helps Teachers Launch Their Own Apps

Are you a teacher or an educational institution that has generated reams of original content from research to help students? Then Vedantu has just the thing to make sure that all your effort doesn’t go in vain after any given…