News Roundup : Google To Spend $1Bn For Android One in India; Amazon Launches Gift Cards

This not just includes subsidizing the phones for manufacturers, but also the marketing promotions.

Amazon Brings #AmazonCart to India; Now Add to Amazon Cart From Twitter

Customers who have connected their Amazon and Twitter accounts can add items to their carts just by tweeting the link of an product along with the #AmazonCart hashtag.

Update: Catamaran Amazon JV to Train SMBs on Online Tools & Selling

Catamaran Ventures, the family office of billionaire N R Narayana Murthy, is planning a joint venture with Amazon to enter e-commerce in India.

HDFC Lets You Shop on Google Play & Amazon with Debit Cards

If you are an HDFC Bank customer, you’d have been pleasantly surprised with their text message this morning. The bank now lets you shop on Google Play and Amazon with your debit card.

Amazon India Launches Fashion Store; The NextBig Battle is ON

Amazon India has made another move to strengthen its position in fashion and apparel retailing with launch of the “The Denim Hangout” for men.

Amazon Way Ahead Of FlipKart When It Comes To Cameras [Ecommerce Insights]

Amazon Vs Flipkart: In this report we look at their catalogue size for cameras category, exclusive products and better seller under overlapping SKUs.

Amazon Offers Better Prices For Tablets Than FlipKart [Ecommerce Insights]

In this report we will look at catalogue size of Flipkart and Amazon, common SKUs and better seller in pricing for common SKUs.

Amazon Has Lot To Catch Up With Flipkart for Laptops [Ecommerce Insights]

Flipkart is Amazon’s biggest competitor in Indian market. Today we are comparing their catalogues for different categories, examine common products offered by them, better seller in terms of price, to see how they stand against each other.

Close Price Competition Between Flipkart and Amazon for Mobiles [Ecommerce Insights]

In this report we are going to look at catalogue size of Flipkart and Amazon for Mobiles – common products, better seller in terms of prices for these common products and exclusive products offered by them.

Flipkart Vs. Amazon : Whose Is Bigger? [#EcommerceInsights]

In Cameras category, Amazon leads the race with 284 SKUs against Flipkart’s 256 SKUs.