75% of Indian Students Use Internet to “Research for School” [Survey]

Accessing e-mail is a growing preference (49% vs 44.54% in 2011-12) at the cost of listening to music (45.47% vs 50.27% in 2011-12).

Access Gmail, Google+ and Google Search for Free on Airtel

While Airtel subscribers won’t have to pay any data charges to access services on Free Zone powered by Google, advanced services such as attachment download or browsing through the websites will cost the user.

Search User Behaviour in India : CTR Vs. Position

How often do you go to the website, hit the back button and come back to the search result to look at more websites? How often do you change the query you put in to filter the ranking websites for a more appropriate set?

TheSunnyMag: Busting India’s Growth Myth & Andreessen’s Search for Next Big Thing

Here goes our weekly magazine of stories curated from around the world. In this edition: Busting India’s Growth Myth & Andreessen’s Search for Next Big Thing & more.

Now Google Sued at Tamil Nadu Court for Showing “explicit” Content on Hotmail Keyword Search

As soon as I typed HOT, the search engine started showing links to abusive contents and pornographic videos!

Introducing : Insights. THE Research Portal for Startups and Technology Ecosystem

The Indian startup ecosystem is growing rapidly and so is the amount of data. The time has come to differentiate signal from the noise, separate the wheat from the chaff. Today, we are glad to announce our research portal!

In Search of True Calling: 28 Weeks, 28 Jobs, 28 States [DOER:Jubanashwa Mishra]

Every week, we profile a DOER on NextBigWhat. This week’s DOER is Jubanashwa Mishra, a 28 year old from Orissa. Why is he a doer? Read on. Jubanashwa Mishra has been the regular guy for most of his life. After…

iXiGO Releases Indian Rail & Trains Search App, More of the Same

One can use the app to search for trains by destinations or train numbers and can also find train routes & timings, real-time seat availability status for all journey classes, fares and also status.

These Services Make YouTube Search a Lot Better, Curate Videos, Skip Commercials

While YouTube is one of the largest online repositories for videos, discovery of videos is often a big hassle. This is where services like Yougle and FMgem come into the picture.

Samsung Tops, but Micromax Rising in Online Handset Searches in India: Report

Home grown mobile phone maker Micromax is the second most researched handset brand after Samsung in February 2013, beating biggies like Apple and Nokia, according to a new report.