Tech Around WWWorld–Gmail’s Rich Text Signatures, FB’s Like Button for Email Marketing

Gmail has enabled users to add rich text signatures in the email messages. In order to enable the same, hop on to ‘Settings’ section and you will now find a rich text editor which lets you add images, links, change…

Gmail Signatures Adds HTML, Image (Rich Text Signature)

Gmail has enabled users to add rich text signatures in the email messages and we walk you through the simple steps to do so. In order to add images, text, links hop to ‘Settings’ page and now you will find…

Exploring Gmail API : Building A Gmail Alternative [And Loads of Ideas]

I was able to hack together a simple Gmail replacement in a couple of days. This is completely functional and I use it daily as my Gmail client.

Counterpoint : Why Marketers Should Thank Google for New Gmail Inbox With Tabs

This is one feature launch that’s been pretty effective and widely applauded! Most users have found them intuitive to use, accurate and hence instantly useful.

Turn your Gmail inbox into a customer support tool with Paceable, fits right into your mailbox

Paceable (earlier called MailSyncr) integrates directly with Gmail and helps team members view each others activity on a thread, assign emails to each other and share notes & email templates.

Google launches Hangouts for Gmail users in India

You can continue to enjoy 1:1 video chat with any Gmail user, but now you’ll be able to add up to 9 people at once after they’ve upgraded to Google+.

Electronic signature service, SignEasy announces Google Drive integration

This was based on understanding our current customer profile and their business usage. With our new go-to-market strategy, our pricing has moved away from earlier one time premium upgrade of 10$ to a yearly subscription plan of 20$ per user/license

From forum: How to design PR Campaign for your startup

[Editorial notes: forum is a community of entrepreneurs, geeks and importantly, community that is willing to help each in the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, couple of days back, we introduced “Connect me to” section, enabling connection to customers/partners/investors through...