How to Become a World Class Computer Engineer

There is a difference between engineers and software developers; and here is a guest post by Abhishek on what does it take to become a world class engineer.

Letter to Young Engineers – Build Real Things

I want the young engineers in India to know that what they learn can be used in their lives. Instead of looking for the highest paying non-engineering job, they have a choice to look for a real engineering job. Hope we have more technology companies in India, and hope we create a generation of engineers who can actually claim they make use of what they learnt in their B.Tech. Hope they build airplanes and design ships. Hope they make cell phones and electronic gadgets. Hope they make computer games and robots. Hope they go through fun of what it means to be an engineer. Hope they will not be satisfied with just the title, but become real engineers building things.

Best of the Week – Paypal India Outage, Rural India Broadband Boost [and more]

This week’s highlights include outage of Paypal India (check out the comment section for dissatisfaction among userbase), and hacking of TCS website. Also, the biggest WTF moment was of Facebook beating Orkut in search trends.

Insights Shared – Planes that Crash, Hackers [and more]

Presenting a few insights shared by our reader-writers, who comment @pluggdin. Few comments need to reach out to wider audience and this is an attempt to do the same (without undermining the significance of several other comments we receive daily)….

Big Data 101: The Gold Mine of Internet

For small businesses it might be a steep ladder to analyze such humongous data for their benefits, yet according to McKinsey – a business using big data to the full could increase its operating margin by more than 60%.

Startups, Fire the Middleman When They Can’t Lead

After 35th hiring and 5+ years of working in Startup to hire best people to work with, I have came to realise a small puzzle which makes hiring work! Let me share few of hiring failures and success with you.

3D Printing in India, Talk about Being Behind

The conclusion, call it a generalisation if you wish, is simple: 3D printing, a technology which is disrupting industries across the world, is still sci-fi for most Indian manufacturers. Talk about being behind the technology curve.

TheSunnyMag: PR best practises for startups, Worst CEOs of 2012 & More

Discover the beautiful & the best of tech & business stories every week. In this edition: 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013, How to Stop the Bullies, PR best practices for startups, worst CEOs of 2012 & more.