Scott Cook’s Recipe For Lean Experiments : The Intuit Experience
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There are many instances of product teams first manually ‘faking it’ behind the interface of an automated service – Intuit tried this too to test the response to their Fasal product for farmers in India.

Why Samsung still isn’t a Leader. Lessons for us all.
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Here’s the thing about being a leader – you have to think like one, feel like one – only then can you act like one and eventually become one.

Wondering If You Really Need a Pre-Sales Role in Your Product Startup? Answer These Questions
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In early stage firms, when the product is new and you are building a process to sell, Pre-Sales stands to be the most important function to stabilize Product Management, Product Delivery, Training & Product Support with a role in all these functions and much more.

Why Ecommerce Startups Need to Go Beyond Eric Ries’ Lean Model
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So if you are an ecommerce entrepreneur, please don’t get overwhelmed by 100 customers buying from you in 4 months of your existence. The game has changed. It’s no more a lean model for ecommerce in India.

The Other Side of Being An Early Adopter
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I am a super early adopter. Any given day, I’d rather use/share feedback to a startup product than the one coming from established companies.

Of Startups And Creating A Non-Scalable System : Why It’s Worth it
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I am not sure what VCs mean when they say ‘it’s not scalable’. I don’t even know if that is a criticism or a compliment. What I do know is that it’s completely worth the pain and it’s not replicable over night.

Of Yatra, ICICI and Dependency on Internet Services [Dear Product Startups: You are in 'Services' Business]
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There is nothing like a customer totally dependent on you to perform certain activities. It’s the most nirvana state for any business.

The Product Lesson Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Medium? Soul Matters
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Look around and you will notice that some of the most awesome products that you treasure are the ones who have delivered consistently. And more so, consistency in the world of ‘alpha/beta/MVP’ release cycle is super amazing!!

Thinking Innovation? Don’t Burden Your Product Manager
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Let’s be honest. Who is actually innovating in your company? The tie-and-suit class (i.e. everything but engineering) OR the jeans-and-tee one (geeks)?

The Madness Around Building Google Reader Alternative And Why That’s Wrong
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So Google is killing Google Reader and suddenly, there is a rush of activity among competitors to grab those users. While Feedly has been trying to maximize the play, launch of AOL/Digg reader makes me ask a few questions.

Visualizing an E-Commerce Customer Experience Map
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Implicit data such as user location, age and location can be used to tailor products based on demographics, whilst explicit personalisation, based on past purchases and searches for example, can be employed once you’ve been able to capture who they are.

Pi of Life : Stepping Out of the Cubicle
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Then comes the shock – otherwise known as the real world. What does that look like?

Are You Doing Product Management Right?
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People define product management at an action level (negotiating, evaluating mockups, marketing plans etc..) rather than at a principle level creating confusion in the definition. Very few leaders realize that they all converge into 3 core principles.

Why Business Models Fail? Pipes Vs. Platforms
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Why do most social networks never take off?

Why are marketplaces such difficult businesses?

Why do startups with the best technology fail so often?