Get Rid of Old Newspapers and Other Scraps Using the Online Kabadiwala

E-commerce startup Kabadiwala, an online kabadiwala service helps you get rid of scraps by just submitting a form.

Flipkart Myntra to Merge? [Understanding Myntra Valuation]

Flipkart and Myntra have been dancing for many months now. Well, we didn’t start the fire. In a dance, one usually leads and the other follows. Well in this case, there could be a third person leading!

getitBazaar Integrates Unbxd's Search & Navigation Platform

Search and product discovery startup Unbxd has partnered with managed marketplace getitBazaar, to manage search for getitBazaar across properties.

Freemium Trends

Globally, mobile app industry crossed 102 billion annual app store downloads and $26 billion in revenues, but for most of the (indie) app developers, the trends around monetization and (app) consumption aren’t really clear (mostly they are influenced by global coutnerparts)….

Food and restaurant guide Zomato Gets a Social Makeover

Food and restaurant guide Zomato just got a lot more fun: it is now a complete social network for foodies.

Mark Zuckerberg Dancing @Indian Wedding

There are over 100 million Facebook users in India. The company has also been eating into Google’s market.

heartbleed vulnerability

A new vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) has been discovered in OpenSSL named ‘Heartbleed’ (vulnerabilities in TLS heartbeat extension )

Low Power System On Chip Company Ineda Systems Raises $17 mn Series B Funding

Hyderabad and Santa Clara based Ineda Systems, a low power System on Chip (SoC) developer, has raised $17 Mn in Series B Funding.

Walmart to Open 50 Cash & Carry Stores; Anti-bribery Probe Seeing its End?

Wal-mart India will go ahead with its India plans and open 50 cash and carry stores across the country in the 4-5 years.

Nokia X : Marketing Promotion

Don’t you think Nokia should have played on its own strength (build quality/brand trust) rather than ride on Android to sell devices?