Do Indian Multi-Channel Networks Present An Investment Opportunity For Global Media Companies?

After a spate of MCN acquisitions by global media houses in the west, is it now a good time for them to shift their focus to India?

Do We Need A Secret App For India? This Startup Confesses So

The biggest challenge with such apps lies in bringing the network effect, which Secret has managed and existing users will find very little reasons to switch (unless some confessions are seeded).

This RBI Circular on Exports Can Potentially Kill IT Startups and SMEs in India

The erstwhile exemption for an invoice value of US $25000 is history, now even an export invoicing of 1 Dollar would be required to be declared to STPI and certified.

Breaking : Intuit India Acquires Jaipur Based KDK Software To Tap The CA Market

Intuit India has acquired Jaipur based KDK Software, a company that provides cost-effective software solutions to tax professionals and SMEs in the country


How much to pay during seed round? Series A? Get the details.

Amazon To Invest Additional US $2 Billion in India!

“At current scale and growth rates, India is on track to be our fastest country ever to a billion dollars in gross sales. ” – Jeff Bezos

You Know What's Cool? INR 400,000. And Then, A Billion Dollar [And Everything In Between]

We present to you a timeline of Flipkart funding. By the way, did you know that founders started off with INR 400,000 capital ? Today, they are worth a few thousands of crores!

Airtel : 39.32 million Mobile Internet Subscribers, Mobile Data Revenue Grows By 73.9%

Overall, Airtel has 209,411 customers out of which 94.9% are prepaid customers. Average ARPU is INR 202.

Data Startup SocialCops Secures Seed Funding From 500Startups, Rajan Anandan (and others)

SocialCops uses mobile phones – ranging from simple feature phones to high-end smartphones to source ground level data from citizens & non-profits; and work extensively in the public infrastructure, public health & education spaces with partners such as the Government of Karnataka, Digital Empowerment Foundation and Hindustan Unilever.

Xiaomi in India : Gone in What?

Quite a happening day for Flipkart – the company has announced its billion dollar funding and on the other hand, there are way too many frustrated customers talking about the way Flipkart is handling sales of Xiaomi Mi3.