Oyegirl.com: Online shopping portal exclusively for women

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Joining the ecommerce trail now is Oyegirl – an online shopping portal for women. Though Oyegirl.com is yet another online shopping portal but this one is different in a way that it’s targeting only women and as their introduction reads – it is India’s first ecommerce portal exclusively for women.

The website is offering apparels, jewelleries, accessories, footwear etc. and they deliver products all over India. One can pay through credit card, net banking ITZ card or cheque and for online payments they have CC Avenue as their payment gateway. From price point, the site is offering discounts just like most of the online shopping portals. As far as the products go, the catalogue seems to be average. Though some of their collections (like apparels) are nice but considering the online shopping pattern in India, not sure how many women would really like to purchase stuffs like sarees or dresses online?

As far as Indian consumers are concerned (esp. women), factors like trying out the cloth, right fitting, experiencing the product, touch & feel are still very important parameters in buying behavior. Categories like cosmetics or watches are missing which women might buy online if they get it at the right price. Since it’s a new site, so we are hoping that the team is still building the catalogue as well as the content on the website. As of now, both from product or price perspective the site does not differ much from the already existing online shopping portals in India.

So, women readers of PI, does an online shopping portal exclusively for women excite you? Have you ever purchased or intend to purchase girly stuffs like dresses, sarees or jewelleries online? Check out www.oyegirl.com, if not the products maybe the discounts can make you think about some of the products available there.


    1. Kanupriya Sindhu

      :), why so? there are quite a few we know for sure :)

  1. Surabhi

    @ Prashant –> Haaa………..Woman readers??

    here’s one commenting !!

    OyeGirl is good … but as rightly pointed out fitting, feel , texture etc matter so much. Moreover shopping is so much a fun time for we girls that buying online does not appeal.

  2. 009

    When it comes to the word “shopping” it definitely excites me, and would any woman for that matter. But but but.. if a woman is so desperate that she wants to shop online too, then definitely she knows the price and the cost involved in making that product (yes ladies?).. So charging 399 bucks for a jute bag worth 100 bucks.. just leaves me smiling (rest is understood)

  3. Prashant Singh

    @009 :

    are you saying that women always pay for intrinsic worth of stuff (manufacturing cost )and don’t pay premium from brands ? Please tell me where can i find such women .

    additionally Try telling that to people at Prada ,D&G,Salvator Dalli .i have never seen ppl (women or men ) paying strictly /only for manufacturing cost.

    1. 009

      Its the mindset I am talking about, when buying stuff. Prada ,Louis Vuitton are brands u trust and are proud to own. But a simple jute bag, or a fancy pair of rubber chappals or any stuff picked up from fashion street, pallika bazaar, or commercial street( -city specific) and paying double the price.. Doesnt make sense for a sensible shopaholic.

  4. Prashant Singh

    sensible shopaholic.?? thats new to me .
    there is no such thing as reliable politician , Honest Burglar and sensible shopaholic.

    if prada choose to make a Jute bag tomorrow there is only so much they can differentiate on intrinsic product front.online shopping in India is more about choice “variety of option available” and convenience and less (at least for now ) about price advantage . that requires economy of scale.

    1. 009

      Convenience to who? Women who would place online orders and paying double, for things they can easily get in near by market for much less price. Either these women are too new to shopping or may belong to a hypothetical world. And just to let you know: the one who wears prada, would never visit oyegirl.com and the one surfing this website, to buy stuff, already knows where to get it @ a cheaper price. Coz the stuff they r selling, isnt a rare collection for that matter. So EOD, what kind of customers are they targeting to?

      1. shal

        I agree with both of you partly. Most women would know the best price to pay for whats available around them. But here the emphasis is more on women from metros who have access to both street shopping as well as branded stuff. For me its more about variety.. If i find a good piece of jewellery or a handbag, I would just pick it up.

  5. Prashant Singh

    “the one who wears prada, would never visit oyegirl.com”
    :) this is cult of kottler speaking in your head . in real world we don’t put ppl in boxes like that…

    ever heard of a site called http://www.like.com ?
    or https://www.bagborroworsteal.com
    check them out . these sites has got a huge fan base in New york Fashion circle ( the kid of depressing ppl you see in sex and the city and Desperate Housewives ) . they choose to shop things online inspite of being right there in manhattan .Go Figure…

    Customer behaviour and buying habbits are far more complicated than that .

  6. pd

    good idea , but a half hearted effort ! the UI needs a lot of work. fashionandyou.com seems to be a better alternative.

  7. sheetal

    hehe yes.. very nice website… too good.. i liked the kurti which are on sale.. they are at very reasonable price. Also the variety is very nice.

  8. Aarti

    Here the emphasis is more on women from metros who have access to both street shopping as well as branded stuff. For me its more about variety.. If i find a good piece of jewellery or a handbag, I would just pick it up. But now, we are not only limited to buy here n there but also interested to gain financial independence. For this, there is perfect site “http://www.mcxgain.com”

  9. Navneet Singh S

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