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“IMHO, the idea of a 3-4 week cycle to build and launch a product is an urban legend. You have to inevitably put in the miles to take a product from concept to production – once you have a solution that resonates in some meaningful, minimal if so, way with a bunch of customers, you can possibly iteratively layer on features in the manner that you are suggesting but to do so from scratch seems to be a leap too far.”

[Sumanth Raghavendra/Post The New Age Startup : Build A Feature (Not A Product)]


Try and ship a product after developing it in 3-4 weeks. It may be a trivial feature. Its okay. Ship it.
Its neither “dangerous” nor “misinformed”. At best you will fail at that feature. Move on and build again.
Investment = low. Regret from failure = low.
Regret from failure after working on a product for “3-4 or 6 months” as you suggest = high.

[Mukund Mohan/Post: The New Age Startup : Build A Feature (Not A Product)]


“A must attend for Startups in India. If your product is ready for the world, then do demo it at Unpluggd. If it isn’t, try giving a sneak peak to get awesome beta users who can help you shape your product.”

[Kalyan Manyam/ Post: Why Should You Demo Your Product At UnPluggd?]


This is not a ‘warm collaboration’, its a capitalist strategy to monitor data usage by routing the data and traffic through the Airtel proxy servers. This will give them a lot a powers other than just monitoring and data mining, they will also be able to deploy what is called as ‘paid content’ based on the data that they track. I foresee them putting up their rate cards soon for visiting what they have shortlisted as paid sites.

Surfed facebook for 30 mins? Pay 50rs
Surfed Pay 70 rs.

Downloaded a free application from the android market? Pay 50rs
They are just trying to monetize content that does not belong to them and they have no legal or moral right to do so. No sane person shall ever download any application that has a tie up with his ISP in any way. I do not pay you to trace me, I pay you to let me connect to the internet, in whichever way I choose and I shall definitely not choose the one which you propose Mr ISP!
What’s the alternative? Use TOR for smartphones, #nuff said!

[Rohan Pawale/Post: Airtel Inks Global Deal With Opera, To Offer Co-Branded Opera Mini Browsers]


All governments react in a visceral manner when confronted with a challenge to their authority. Remember what happened to Julian Assange, now embroiled in a mess? The right way is to take the government to court and fight the matter there. If there is a court order, the government cannot take action. However, now that people have got a taste of internet freedom, they will find ways to get around obstacles.

[Viswanathan Vishwa/ Post: Anonymous Takes Down Congress And Supreme Court Website, Gets It All Wrong]


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