N97 - The Ultimate Touchscreen Phone from Nokia

Nokia N97 Gearing up for India Launch

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Nokia is gearing up for the N97 launch – probably it’s biggest launch in the recent times and here are some specs/pricing details for you:

What’s so unique about N97?

– It’s positioned as a ‘social phone’ – introduces the concept of ‘social location’.

With integrated A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, the Nokia N97 mobile computer intuitively understands where it is. Essentially, you can can easily update your social networks automatically with real-time information, share your ‘social location’ as well as related pictures or videos.

Customizable Screen

You can customize the homepage with widgets – right from integrating your Facebook widgets to RSS feeds

Infact, this feature takes the cake, makes the phone more personal!

N97 - The Ultimate Touchscreen Phone from Nokia

N97 - The Ultimate Touchscreen Phone from Nokia

N97 Specs & Price

  • Sliding QWERTY keypad and touchscreen display
  • Memory –  32GB Internal memory, 128 MB RAM, microSD up to 16GB
  • Camera – 5 MP (Carl Zeiss optics)
  • OS – Symbian
  • Battery – 6.6 hours talk-time and 430 hours standby
  • Radio – Stereo FM radio with RDS, Visual radio; FM transmitter
  • Widescreen – 16:9, 3.5in TFT, 640 x 360 pixels
  • 802.11b/g; USB; Bluetooth with A2DP; GPS with A-GPS
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Weight: 150gm
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Price: Rs. 35K

Watch this demo

Will you go for N97?

My hunch says Nokia has become a utilitarian brand and will have a tough time competing with lifestyle products like iPhone.

What’s your take?


  1. Akash Solank

    The phone is not worth 35k i feel.All the Nokia phones N79,N82,5800 Xpress Music have almost the same feature and are in the price range of 20k.
    N97 being a touchscreen phone with 32gb Memory and may be with one or two features more.
    N97 Should have been in the range of 30k.The phone looks great otherwise

    1. Momin

      Completely second your opinion Akash!
      This is outrageously priced. 37000 is too much man, you can get the best of the best laptops. Look at Nokia 5800 xpress music, its at 19000 Rs but gives you almost everything other that physical qwerty it has on-screen qwerty and used the same Symbiam S60 v 5 OS. You dont really need 5 MP camera, 3.5 is more than sufficient and delivers extremely crisp pics and videos.
      I am not burning 37000 in times of recession…come on Nokia India what happened to your market sense, you could have sold billions of sets had you priced it reasonably. This is just an ounce better that Nokia 5800 (Uses the same OS – Symbian S60v5), so price shouldnt be more than 25K

      1. Ashvin

        Good reply to nokia about the price of N97.As mentioned we can buy a laptop.

  2. suntuu

    well i think nokia N07 is rightly priced , seeing what its competitor iphone is priced.

    iphone too don’t deserve the 35 k price tag , as it don’t have anything cool to get that price tag.
    and nokia N97 is way ahead in features with 5MP camera . 32 GB memory and loads of other stuff.
    what you accept you to be cheaper that iphone.
    no way.

      1. ishaaan

        the phone sucks totally. i bought it and then it stopped working and couldnt be repaired. then i bought another one and thankfully that one works well. i hate this phone. anybody wants to buy this piece of crap from me at half price?

        1. bhadresh jani ( MUMBAI )

          i want too buy this phone
          from u
          so please contact me
          what is the price off that ?

          1. gaurav kataria

            My n97 is less then 3 months old and i can sell it upto 25,500/-.

          2. bikash

            urgently required reply soon my cell no 09437045946………………..

    1. Ramit

      Yeah it is a touch screen phone with a sliding keyboard. i bought one yesterday and I love it

      1. navtej

        in a few days u’ll b d most dissapointed person on earth as u bought shit……like me…..

  3. shabarish

    when is it going to launch in india?
    and is the n97 touch screen?

  4. uday

    Nice phone, but certainly not worth 35k… 25-27k would be ok.. No revolutionary stuff in that phone.. considering the network/wifi connectivity in india, more than half of those widgets wont even work..
    Also, general ppl in india will have a HARD time understanding the widget system ;)
    Articles reported the music capabilites of the 5800 is better than this phone..
    Symbian 60 5th edition is STILL evolving,expect bugs in the phone!..
    But ya, the hardware specs are good.. more ram,better processor, touch sensitivity is more than the 5800..

  5. Ar Zero En

    34g is a bit too much for this baby. Should be priced around 25g.

  6. syed chishty

    hey i has nokia 5800 xpress n i like this phone but certainly not worth 35 k 26- 27k would be k inshallah i will buy this one also ???

  7. Momin

    This is outrageously priced. 37000 is too much man. Look at Nokia 5800 xpress music, its at 19000 Rs but gives you almost everything other that physical qwerty it has on-screen qwerty and used the same Symbiam S60 v 5 OS. You dont really need 5 MP camera, 3.5 is more than sufficient and delivers extremely crisp pics and videos.
    I am not burning 37000 in times of recession…come on Nokia India what happened to your market sense, you could have sold billions of sets had you priced it reasonably. This is just an ounce better that Nokia 5800 (Uses the same OS – Symbian S60v5), so price shouldnt be more than 25K

  8. sunil

    i bought N 97 on the 4th of July since i lost my i phone. luckily i was able to trace back my lost phone and now N 97 is a unwanted financial burden. If anyone is interested in buying one from me at a cost of Rs. 33000 (i boought it for 35370), please contact sunil on 9820945801′

  9. Mahesh

    Big disappointment, N97 and 5800 are twins, N97 have 5mgpl camera and type writer,if you buy N97 (India) just a wast of money….



  11. Abhishek

    Dear, Can anybody tell me , is the n97 available in white color in india ? if yes in which cities . it is not available in ahmedabad . Thanx .

  12. Vinod Salaria

    Hi Guys,

    If anyone is interested in buying N97 at a wholesale price can send an email across. Cell phone is brand new along with a year warranty.

    Vinod Salaria

    1. Ankit Agarwal


      I am very interested to purchase new N97 feature phone. Please let me know the process that you will follow n all.

      Ankit Agarwal

    2. manoj mittal

      i am very much interested in N97, pls gimme ur contact details


    THE COST OF NOKIA N-97 IS 65,000 rupees only.
    GO FOR IT. It’s very cheap.

  14. amit

    ya friend i am interested to by n97 pls tell me your price and colour of set . can talk to me on 9215505156

  15. pooja

    HEY!!! iam pretty eager to get that home .. can any one give me that for a resonable price ….reply

  16. khan jee

    i would say that it is a great phone because it have a lot of function which can make your work very easy and the future of this phone is way over different then other NOKIA phones.

  17. BetaMaster

    N97 is the phone which has replaced my laptop palmtop & PDA its mean machine all in one Audio, Video, Contacts, Word, Excel, Mails But lacks only print feature wud had been handy.

    The price is fair enough for the deal they are giving with 32GB HDD & CarlZ 5MP Camera has more than crystal clear shoot with blurr(control) facility.
    In Nutshell a really extreme worthy phone!!!

  18. Sven

    You guys all want the latest technology at the cheapest prices :-)
    I mean, stop complaining about how expensive it is! if you want it, you pay for it… otherwise, go for a basic phone, which you can get for 1200 rupees (and even less i’m sure!)
    simply wait 5 years ;-) price will drop

  19. sanjeev

    I think this phone is worth every single penny, I have been using it for about 2 months now and loving it. I compared it with my brother-in-laws Iphone on other weekend and we got to the conclusion that N97 is far better that Iphone.

    1. AJAY

      ya u r rite iPhone sucks compared to N97
      many progs wont work on iPhone

  20. Aakash jain

    0k…. if u need thn contact me or mail me… my number iz +919036565786, email id Akash908@gmail.com. i will help u in buying any branded phn… coz m frm banglore National markt, indias biggest markt 4 gizmos….

  21. PRAMOD

    i also feel n 97 is not worth 35k also n900 is coming soon and it is said to at price of 40k i will prefer to buy it than n97 as it is far better than it just looks specification of it

  22. gaurav kataria

    Friends for me this phone is not upto the mark. For businessman this n97 is totally no no. since it don`t let you use quickoffice .so u cann`t even open word and excel files forget about editing them. u cann`t purchase quickoffice since its not available anywhere. Secondly, it get hang again & again even the latest version .Thirdly, it doesn`t connect on bsnl wi-fi. When i enquired on nokia toll free no. they surprised me by saying that n97 cann`t be connected through wi-fi.Even the service center people do not know anything. I feel betrayed.

    1. Anurag

      Does it work for opening & reading PDF files that are attached in emails (the minimum functionality for a business executive)?

  23. manoj mittal

    extremely overly priced, should hav been between 15k to 20k and can’t even open a word or excel file n they call it a complete smart phone whose price is almost a good laptop’s price

  24. Perwaiz Ahmed

    Hi guys………………i bought this phone .realy it awesome maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. i am enjoying it.Thanks to Nokia but bit expensive hahahahaha.guy iam looking for quickoffice for my N97 anybody help me with the software

  25. srikanth

    in my view its waste to bye this phone we can by a good lapy for that price with better features then this phone……..

    1. AJAY

      ya you take ur laptop put it in ur pocket everywhere you go -real easy…..

  26. sue

    hy guys can eni1 tell mw whts the thickness of this phne????iis it really bulky????

    n i just want the slide version lik typwriter just 4 meseging……
    if eni1 knows abt that same feature in eni othr fone thn pliz mail me….ay cool_no19@ibibo.com……………..

    with a reasonable price…id like 2 take it 2 ma country…

  27. parker

    i just wana say ? just happened to nokia they should have forgoten indian market on n97

  28. kjpanchal1993

    hey man nokia n97 is just a cool phone. Its just a fantastic instrument. Really when I compare it with my iphone I felt that I wasted my money on iphone. Nokia n97 having full facilities which is required for a businessman.

  29. AJAY

    Nokia N97 is NOT A WASTE OF MONEY
    whereas an iPhone is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Nousheen

    The price of n97 now is $22000 rupees….i have gifted it to my husband and according to him the phone is really cool

  31. deeps

    heyy frdsss i want to buy n97 32gb
    any 1 want to sell in pune then pl call me on

  32. Pradeep

    I want to sell my Nokia N97, purchased two months back. With bill and warranty contact me at 9899588060 (Delhi)

  33. Pritam

    I just brought n97, rs. 20000.
    it just work like a powerfull mini laptop.

  34. Nokia

    Nokia 5800 is one of the first touchscreen phones to be shipped by Nokia. The touchscreen comes added with a stylus for easy use. That may not sound like much to the people who have grown up with touchscreen mobiles but is a big help for people grating from phones with old fashioned keyboard. Unfortunately the touchscreen is not as responsive as we would have liked it to be.

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