Few days back, we covered Airtel’s ambition of being the CIO in the cloud, i.e. provide SaaS services to SMBs and here comes the first installment – Airtel’s online PC.

Nivio, Airtel and Microsoft have launched the so-called /claimed “world’s first online PC” that provides access to a personal virtual desktop from any computer connected to the internet for Airtel broadband customers.

Features of Airtel’s Online Desktop

  • 5 GB space to store documents, photos, music, presentations, software.
  • Original and latest software on a rental basis (pay as you go model)
  • Free Anti-Virus protection, Unified billing with service usage included in monthly Airtel broadband bill.

Pricing of Airtel’s Online Desktop

  • For Rs. 99 per month, customers get 5 GB of online storage space
  • At Rs. 199 per month (Retail Pack), customers get 5 GB of online storage space, free Anti Virus protection, Windows-based operating system, automatic backup -accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Professional and Business Packs at Rs. 399 and Rs. 699 per month respectively that provide a Windows-based Operating System and MS Office

What’s interesting is Microsoft’s involvement in this partnership – they have Live Skydrive as well as Live products suite – which, in a way competes with Nivio’s storage service (note that Nivio’s competing service, YouOS has now been shutdown).

Also, Google/Airtel have a cozy relationship, but MS has been able to push it’s OS and office apps in the combo – so expect more bullfight between the two companies.
What’s your opinion on this deal?

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