Mobile Internet Usage in India

Mobile Internet Users in India – Only 2 Million are Serious Users [Report]

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A study by IMRB and IAMAI suggests that there are only about 2 million users accessing Internet through their mobile phones and other mobile devices on an active basis, which means they use Internet on their Mobile at least once a month.

Mobile Internet Usage in India

Mobile Internet Usage in India

As per the study, 27% mobile phones are Internet ready (127 million mobile subscribers out of 471 million total subscribers) and out of these 127 million subscribers, only 12 million have used Mobile Internet.

And this number further reduces down to 2 million or 17% when it comes to active users [PR/IAMAI report (pdf)].

This is quite inline with what we published earlier (Urban Mobile Users in India – What do they access Internet For? [Market Report]), i.e. around 2.7million active unique users while the total number was around 12 million

Mobile Internet – Usage

Checking emails and searching for information are the two most popular reasons for accessing net over mobile phones. 2.8% of Urban Indian mobile population used the Internet over their phones to check emails while 2.5% used the net to search for information.

What’s your take on this report?


  1. saipothuri

    Hello :)

    For me i think people are getting serious about net surfing?? because previously its like though they got internet people used to surf internet for entertainment ( Home connection Pcs ) but coming to mobile surfing the problem is with the connectivity first and the second problem is with the mobile device ( all cant buy a nokia N series or E series putting up thousands ). So with low connectivity and with the device, people started confining to only mail and the information that they required

    And also in india the problem with the operators is also a issue, because airtel before used to charge 15/- ( 24 hours unlimited ) where as now its charging for kb’s so to read any thing or to access any thing for each kb amount will be deducted. But there might be another unlimited plan with another operator with good network, but for a common Marketing person or a business person how many Sim Cards he need to buy and for calls he needs to switch to one operator and another for internet he needs to switch to another operator.

    So it might be a good point for people to confine to things, but right now its the time that tata indicom introduced photon and reliance also and bsnl continuing this series those who can adopt they can those who cant can still play around with mobile internet

    What you people think ( am i providing more or am i out of cover :) )

    Thanks & Regards

    Sai Pothuri

  2. Lalit

    I think the report is absolutely correct.
    It’s also not surprising considering the price points and most importantly the amount of services over Mobile Internet.
    There is not even one compelling service provided over Mobile internet yet.

  3. saipothuri

    Dear Lalit

    People can book tickets via mobile, people can even pay bills through mobile, people can transfer cash from one mobile to another mobile. And lot more but the problem is that people are not aware of mobile internet, in andhra pradesh to get a receipt people either choose eseva centre or gov office to get receipt they wont choose a utility shop maintained by One Stop Shop or ITZ Cash etc etc

    Please provide your feedback

    Thanks & Regards

    Sai Pothuri

  4. Pravin

    I think this is an oppurtunity, today we may not have more users of mobile internet but that may not be future. In west data trafic is already ahead of voice trafic so India can not be behind for long. I think this is a good oppurtunity for new operators to create it’s niche.

    1. saipothuri


      You are right see the main problem comes here, there are 4 metros in INDIA… having all facilities and cant be down in any matter if we compare to other foreign countries… Wifi, transport, hotels, movies, etc etc.. but still we say a developing country in the sense the rest of areas of our country.

      So the operators need to focus on these areas like villages, small towns and corporation localities.

      They need to come up with new packages that suits the people in that local area or that specific state or district. Then people can opt for those services. Then slowly the mobile internet will hit like a gradual stable steady growth. Where from top to bottom indian people at any place from villages to metros will use them.

      Lets hope for a speedy growth in other than metro areas of our country

      Thanks & Regards

      Sai Pothuri

      1. rk

        You must be high if you think any Indian city is comparable to those abroad. Nuked Hiroshima will fare better compared to our cities.

  5. Abhishek Prasad

    Hi All,

    In India, we have taken ‘Internet’ as a alternative of real world actions (i.e booking tickets, paying bills, the usual banking, email etc), and mobile stuff seems to be an alternative of the web stuff.. hence, even if anyone fights up the hassle of not having proper Mobile Internet connections and underpowered browsers and actually gets a Mobile Internet connection, there is not really much one can do with it… and its more convenient if one could do all this on the internet itself, sans the hassles of getting onto mobile Internet.

    Although with more and more smart-phones pouring in and more and more telecom companies putting up aggressive pricing plans (and along with an anticipated Mobile Number Portability system, 3G, Wimax etc etc), we will see lot of action in this segment. And as more and more big screen content gets in the small screen overlap, this number (and the action around it) should go up tremendously.

    This is good data.. hats off to IAMAI.


  6. Yogesh baviskar

    Well…It seems to be very very less % of mobile subscribers are using the Internet on the phone…instead of it is the most comfortable media to get the information and do the transactions as well. I think this is the most promosing segment but some how the players are not able to communicate to the end users…..

    I think there are few areas of concern:-
    Higher cost of data acess
    limited awareness among the users
    very few compelling services & mobile applications
    Media agencies are serious about the media & Marketers stick to the conventional media

  7. Prakash

    As everything in India this has started late but will take off rapidly. Once it takes off there will be no stopping.

    The key is to get rid of the operator dependency. The App store and the other stores have great apps and users use this without the involvement of the operators.

    The OVI store is now in India and so are the BlackBerry and IStore.

    3G is to come to India this year and Nokia has announced a series of phones at the cost range of Rs 8K. I am predicting a boom this year.

    Watch out.

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      Nice intro of your company, its really working cool

      Thanks & Regards

      Sai Pothuri

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