IT Act Amendment Bill – Publishing Obscene Material Punishable

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Lok Sabha has passed the IT Act Ammendment Bill ensuring that publishing and transmitting obscene material in electronic form besides other e-commerce frauds will now be punishable.

The amendment to the existing Information Technology Act, 2000, deals with types of cyber crimes including the publishing of sexually explicit materials in electronic form, breach of confidentiality and leakage of data by e-commerce frauds.

This is an important development, as the earlier act didn’t have any strict provisions for e-commerce fraud which is rising and is often a big hindrance to ecommerce adoption in India.

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  1. Jagtesh Chadha

    It’s good what they’re doing. I do believe it will help reduce crime, but at what cost?
    Is there’s a flip side to this?

  2. jesvin

    Hey, I got a really brilliant idea that will virtually eliminate the problems. Just make a few changes to the upcoming HTML5 standard – . And punish webmasters who gets the tags wrong (he rates it U instead of R). Browsers in workplaces and kids’ computers can be set to block such stuff. Done right, it will not ruffle the free-speechers and save kids from potential emotional scars.

    If the government still wants persists in the “guilty until proved innocent” policy found only in the IT act, the cyber cells will have to be the most advanced in the world.

  3. Naavi

    The amendment regarding sexually explicit material has nothing to commend since it is already available in the current provisions. What the Govt has done is to bifurcate the current provisions into one part where there is a reduction of imprisonment from 5 years to 2 years, make it non cognizable and also compundable. If sexually implicit material is in the content then the 5 years imprisonment as at present will continue.
    The Govt spokerspersons are misleading the public by stating as if they have accomplished. Please see for more details.

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