25% Failure Rate For IRCTC Transactions [December 2010 Report]

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IRCTC is India’s largest ecommerce site and while they do charge hefty amount for banner ads [see IRCTC banner ad rates], the site contributes ~14% to Indian railways revenue [though lndian railways is planning to launch its own travel site].

We earlier covered the jump in IRCTC’s transactions by 52% within a year and it’s not so surprising to note that the failure rate of transactions stands still at 25%.

As per December data, 11365456 transactions were attempted, out of which 25% were failed transactions.

  • Failure rate for Credit/Debit cards was 25% [ICICI was the worst performer]
  • Failure rate for Net Banking/Debit cards was 34% [Rajasthan Bank was the worst performer]
  • Failure rate for Cash cards was 20% [Done Card was the worst performer]
  • In terms of refunds, Citibank is the worst performer [took 5 days on an average to refund].

Download the Dec data

Big businesses like IRCTC can surely cope up with 25% transactional failure rate, but what about startups? What surprises me is that so many of credit card transaction fails on sites that uses its own payment gateway? Why?

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  1. Sartaj

    Its always been like this. They have a website which makes users login over & over again and then makes them retry their transaction. Their monopoly should not afford them this right ! :@

  2. R. Rama Raju

    I suspect the reported failure numbers maybe wrong. Been booking tickets on IRCTC but never experienced such high failure rates. Nor any of my colleagues or friends complained such high incidence of failure. Someone in IRCTC goofed up in their excel sheet calculations while reporting the numbers. If 25% is indeed true then they would need thousands of employees to take care of customer service issues (in spite of refund process being entirely automated)

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