IRCTC Solves a Customer Pain – Will Operate 23 Hours a day

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No-brainer that IRCTC won’t allow you to book tickets from 11:30 in the night to 5 AM.

While there could be several reasons (batch processing?), the largest ecommerce site in India will extend its’ online booking service for 23 hours (timelines has not been announced yet).

The fact that e-ticketing is a hit among travellers is a matter that cannot be overlooked since a major chunk of the reserved ticketing is done online. NRIs and tourists from abroad have been complaining about difficulty in booking tickets due to the service not being available between 11.30 pm and 5am. The only time it will be inaccessible will be between 11.30 pm and 12.30 am for the date change- source/via

IRCTC recently started selling air tickets and is also the official partner for Common Wealth Games, 2010.

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  1. Shashi

    A welcome step indeed. However, the biggest pain point is the irctc server crashing every morning at 8am. Tatkal tickets can be booked only after 8am, 2 days before the journey. The whole country tries to login at the same time to book tatkal tickets on various trains and this crashes the server. Recently I have had very trying times to get the tickets booked online. Getting to know that no tickets are available is better than the site crashing. Why dont they increase the server capacity? It is tragic that one has to depend on booking agents to get confirmed tickets.

  2. Nari Kannan

    The day IRCTC folks have a website with a UI experience and servers behind the scene that are designed for the PEAK TRAFFIC ever experienced Vs the Average Traffic that they are designed for, I will truly believe that India has arrived in the Internet age.

    I am just as proud of Indian IT accomplishments as anybodyelse but the IRCTC site always seems to be put together with Glue and Sticks – closed for business during certain times of the day, server too busy and returning no results, gatewasys to banks giving up halfway through a transaction and having to wait 3 days to get a refund – What a hassle!

    Great potential but screwed up in our typical Indian way of thinking – this is good enough for us! What a shame!

  3. Gaurav

    also waiting for a mobile app from IRCTC…where I am able to do the railway transactions on the run.
    Sorry for being naive if there is already one existing, which I could never found.

  4. Hardik Shah

    We must be proud to be an Indian as we Indian have such a great online facility to book tickets. In fact like hotmail was the first email application which was a great hit, irctc is the first ecommerce application which is a hit in Indian IT industry and a case study. Everyday lacs of people login and book their ticket online which is the most commendable thing. However nothing in this world is perfect and even if Windows 98 can crash on the day of launch, as Microsoft came back strongly with the Windows 2000 platform, same way let us motivate and try to fix all of these issues in IRCTC by being responsible citizen and reporting them to IRCTC by the way of online feedback or an email. It will definitely be taken up by IRCTC team and availability will improve and failure rates will get decreased.

  5. Vikram

    As mentioned in the post the booking is unavailable from 11:30pm to 12:30 am. I am time to book a reservation now @12:50pm and i get this error.
    Could not retrieve train list.
    “Selected Class/Date combination has no trains.
    Please select different Date/Class combination.”

    Some problem. Maybe will try tomorrow morning.

  6. Kunal Gautam

    IRCTC should start giving a serious thought to use AKAMAI.

  7. Pulkit Tulsyan

    u should use any high speed network… if u r using it….den irctc is the best… bcoz I hv already booking 2-3 tickets in a week & didn, t find any problem…. u hv to use a high speed netwrk…. den your transactn will b secure…& u wll never blame irctc

  8. Arvind Tiwari

    Reservation / Cancellation are available between.
    Indian Standard Time 0.30 and 23.30 Hours.
    Greenwich Mean Time 19.00 and 18.00 Hours.

  9. Rishi Ram

    raat ke 12 baje se 12.30 tak reservation ka time dete hai ….WTF

  10. Syam Sundar Sahu


  11. Anonymous

    Arun Kumar
    @ 02:45am I wont be able to book tickets as site is not opening. what to do ?

  12. Sunil

    After reading your comments above about the internet speed, I guess I use extremely fast internet then all of you (100 Mbps downloading speed). But still this IRCTC website sucks while booking tickets.

    Let me tell you guys, this is not about your internet speed, it is about the server capacity of IRCTC. Their server is not able to maintain such heavy traffic. If you're a regular IRCTC user then you should know that you can smoothly brows this site before 9 AM and after 11:30 AM.

    But now they have increased their server capacity. Now you will not face such problems.

  13. Jairam Amrith

    For Ispat Express (Trains No.12871/72),ARP only 10 days and "Book Now" comes on only at 0800 IST. Very difficult for NRIs.

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