Internet Usage in India

Internet in India – 52 Million Active Users in India, 37% Internet access happens from cybercafes

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The total number of active Internet users in India is a big mystery (see the top confusions in digital space in India) and the number ranges from 25 million to 50 million; and the latest report by I-cube pegs the number to 71 million users who used Internet in 2009 [report has taken data from September 2008 – 2009 into account].

Active users, those who use internet at least once a month according the international standards of reckoning, rose from 42 million in September 2008 to 52 million in September 2009 according to the study, registering a year on year growth of 19%.

Internet Usage in India

Internet Usage in India

Few interesting stats:

  • The report claims that the Internet usage has gone up from 9.3 hrs/week to 15.7 hrs/week i.e. a steep 70% rise – primarily due to more entertainment content, content delivery etc [details here].
  • 37% Internet access happens from cybercafes, followed by 30% who access from offices and 23% from home.
  • Around 4% browse the net via mobile phone (read: Mobile Internet Users in India – Only 2 Million are Serious Users [Report])

Internet in India - Distribution Across Metroes and Towns

The study was conducted across 31 cities in the country covering 19,000 households, 68,000 individuals and 500 cybercafes.

Purpose of Internet in IndiaAside, these numbers do not hold any significant meaning.

If you plan to build an Internet business, you can build an Internet business in India [that’s what we demonstrated at UnPluGGd event], so take all of these stats with a pinch of salt/sugar [at your preference].

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  1. Pradeep

    very good and detailed report. It should give us a fair idea on the penetration and how juntas is using Internet.

    Thanks for the post

  2. Ohana Media Ad Network

    The very fact that a large number of people still access internet through cybercafes results in varying numbers. We may call them casual surfers. Nowadays, Internet is widely used to get exam results and download applications. This is not a regular activity, but the number of such users is quite high.

  3. Rukmi

    It’s a very good report…
    this would help me in my report.
    Thank ya.. :-)

  4. Patel

    As per your figures about internet penetration in India is 7.2Million Users, as per IAMAI report it is 7.7Million Users and from report I found internet penetration in India is around 8.1 Billion users for 2010. Now I am confused! Which figure is right? Why this variation is there? Which figure should i take for my report?

  5. Aravind Ghosh

    BSNL is the biggest and best Internet service Provider in India . The reason for high internet usage through cybercafes is beacuse of the increase in speed . The Broad Band internet usage from homes will definitely increase when BSNL provides better plans ( less money , more free usage )

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