Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – And Gadgets Too

Wondering what gift to buy for your girl friend? Think twice before buying those diamond rings. Chances are you might get dumped. Survey by Oxygen Networks (cable TV owned and operated by all-women) found that three out of four prefer…

Social Networking: Working well for Top Networkers

With the recent news of top Digg users being offered cash to switch to competing site, looks like many of the successful online networkers have woken up to realise the huge monetary potential hidden in their network. Geekforlife, a successful…

Smart Egg – Boils to Perfection

While this may sound crazy, but millions of Britishers still don’t know how to boil an egg! And to solve this problem, experts at the British Egg Information Service have come up with a grand solution – self timing eggs….

Top Business Ideas

Starting up your own business? Well, CNN has few useful business ideas for you. Business 2.0 scoured the globe for the smartest thinkers and startups and have compiled the list. Here are a few significant ones. Also, I have tried…

Find the Celebrity in You

There is a celebrity in each one of us. While one might enjoy the inflated praise, folks at seriously believe that we share some superficial similarities to celebrities. An innovative service – MyHeritage applies advanced face recognition technology to…

Saving India’s Prince

In an impeccable show of bravery and courage, Prince, a 5 year old kid who fell into 60 ft deep pit has finally triumphed over death. The kid fell into the 60 ft. deep pit on Friday evening 6:30 PM…

Power of 1

Guardian has an interesting article on how the internet content generation has shifted from 80-20 principle (i.e. 80% of the internet content is generated by 20% of users) to 1-10-89 principle! i..e one user creates the content, 10 will “interact”…

Heart Broken ? Start Blogging!

Heart Broken? Wanna get over? Well, Blogging might be a good option. That’s what Rebecca Agiewich (Seattle based Blogger) did, and bagged a deal for writing a novel Well,It definitely pays to be out of love!!

Your Life – Your Story.

Autobiography with a difference – only that it’s free and fun to write/share. Use Dandelife to write your life story. Decorate the story with your pictures, videos and tags your life’s events. The guys@Dandelife call this phenomena Lifecasting – i.e….

Socceronomics – An Economist’s perspective on Soccer

Soccer and Economics? Is there a correlation? Yes, if you believe the economists at ABN Amro! In a report titled “Soccernomics 2006,”(released March, 2006) Dutch bank ABN-AMRO predicted way back in march about the outcome of world cup – i.e….