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In Indian Startups by Ashish Sinha7 Comments, a newly launched Indian startup is aiming to be the desi version of VideoHybrid.

VideoHybrid is an interesting video (piracy) site that serves as a platform for people to request movies/videos they want to see; and the site will fetch the top requested videos (the request is done Digg style).

bollywood movies

As TechCrunch mentions:

Videohybrid is a one stop shop where pirated video can be played immediately on the same page, YouTube style, complete with user commenting and related features. Videohybrid doesn’t offer embedding code for the videos to be displayed elsewhere; from what I can gather the videos are all pulled from other sites, including some well known ones as well: is pretty much based on same concept, except that it’s focused on Indian movies and music videos (and the product doesn’t have Digg like capability). currently hosts movies like Dus/Ek Hasina thi/Don/Lakshya/Lage raho and many more..

Hope Indian anti-piracy team is not tuned in!

Do give a spin and share your comments. Do you think piracy is wrong? I am all for it.

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  1. Ekdo3 is definitely a bookmark in my Media Folder. I just hope they continue to add more movies as I am thoroughly enjoying them. I just watched a movie that was released a week ago in India.

    Issues like piracy will not be able to stop technological advances.

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  3. celina

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  4. ravi

    piracy laws cannot stop march of technology ? what bullshit ?

    as long as there is piracy, technology cannot march. who wants to spend time, money, effort to make movies if they are to be distributed free ? khairat thhode hee hai ?

    luckily for the movie makers, has such shoddy video & audio quality, that unless someone is a serious miser or seriously bankrupt, he/she will not watch movies on this site.

    baaki march of technology ho ya april ho – choree to choree hee hai.

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