Traffic  of Indian Content Portals in 2009

Indian Content Portals in 2009 – Flat Traffic growth [Approaching Dead End?]

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If 2009 was the year of recession (to the moon and back) and subsequently the fall in internet advertising, content business too doesn’t seem to crack any big chasm.

Infact, it’s sad that nothing seems to have changed for content portals in India.

Traffic for, indiatimes, sify, rediff etc have remained at the pretty much the same level as what it was at starting of this year (read: Have Indian Content Sites Hit the Ceiling?).

Traffic  of Indian Content Portals in 2009

Traffic of Indian Content Portals in 2009

Except for, everybody else’s traffic has remained stagnant. And the reason Yahoo’s traffic from India has grown is not because of the real growth in user engagement, but because of IP redirect.

So net-net, Unique visitors for most of the content portals in India remained stagnant and while one can blame this on lack of Internet penetration as the sole reason, I believe its’ also a case of value creation.

For the content portals, nothing much has changed in the last few years – they just seem to copy new design without any fresh perspective or insights.

What’s your opinion?

Please note: One might say that comscore data for India is not reliable (as Comscore doesn’t track cybercafe data), I’d argue that content sites like these are mainly visited by professionals during office hours and data is representative of the reality.

* As of writing this article, Comscore had data till October.

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  1. Sampad Swain

    That’s a good find Ashish. That was hanging for a long long time. If you think in the last 3-4 years, what developed countries have produced vis-a-vis us, then that also paints a nice little picture. We saw Facebook, Twitter and host of other services emerge while Indian major content portals still adding less than zero value everyday and western counterparts like Google came and started doing their bit in Indian market too.

    And still these big indigenous bullies do not get it.


  2. Kiran

    I think it is unfair to compare a indiatimes/sify/rediff to a facebook/twitter – two different USPs. Indiatimes/sify/rediff are news aggregator sites rather than anything else. They are not app-creators/product creators.

    A fair comparison would be to compare a indiatimes to a cnn/bbc/any other news aggregator and compare the percentage of growth year on year.

    That said, what we do not currently have are sector-specific news aggregators like Bloomberg/Zerohedge and that is a definite concern!

    1. Sampad Swain

      I wasn’t comparing here. Point was the advent of newer platform or more specifically how lackluster our innovation in internet space have been. Content portals are easy and safest bet in Indian context. But still we are yet to see any innovation on plain content platforms too.


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