Google launches best innovation award in local governance by Gram Panchayats, the philanthropic arm of Google has launched a program to reward the best innovation in local governance by Gram Panchayats in Karnataka and  Andhra Pradesh The Gram Panchayat Puraskar recognizes that innovations in governance are happening every day…

Recession & Impact on Media – Outlook group up for sale?

The media business is solely dependent on advertising dollars – and is precisely the most hit in the times of recession. Here is a recap of what’s happening with media businesses: Outlook group, as reported in Businessworld is up for…

India Software Product Business Case Study

Presentation from Nasscom and Zinnov on Indian software product case study: The study looks at opportunity of building successful product companies from India NASSCOM-ZINNOV India Software Product Business Study View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: opportunities ecosystem) What’s…

TN best e-governed State, followed by Himachal, Delhi, Haryana and AP

As per IDC survey, Tamil Nadu is the best e-governed state in the country, followed by Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and AP. The IDC survey is based on assessment of state IT officials, sample size of 3150 citizens, professionals and…

Shubiksha closes 90 Retail Stores

Recession is hitting the retail industry quite badly and Shubiksha has announced that it has closed 90 stores in the last 1 month. “We were paying huge rentals

Infosys urges employees to save $10

In a cost cutting drive, Infosys has urged it’s employees to cut cost atleast by $10. “If each one of us is able to identify a savings of even $10-not just per day or per month-but $10 as a one-time…

Industry House Chairman’s letter to CEOs and COOs on Recession

One of India’s largest industry house Chairman has warned his CEOs of the impending recession and has suggested them to consider following

Stop Terrorism Wallpaper

We partnered with Netbramha studios (they designed’s logo earlier) for this wonderful wallpaper that

Indian Media – How about some maturity?

Mumbai terror attack is all over the media, and it’s quite a shame to see how Indian media is going overboard in detailing out the events minute-by-minute. First of all, lets try to understand the