Online real estate portal has launched a new feature Slice View, an interactive home booking platform in partnership with Tata Value Homes to launch an exclusive online-only inventory across 4 projects with a pre-launch up to 10% price appreciation within one week.

Slice view allows users to literally slice through each floor of a building project, select flat and make a booking in just a few clicks. The feature provides an interactive exploration of the house along with easy booking experience.

slice view

Pre-registration opens starting today to make a booking for the apartment of choice from Wednesday, November 26th until Sunday, November 30th by making an online payment of just Rs.30,000 on The four online-exclusive projects on offer cover 3 of the major Real Estate markets in the country: Bangalore, Pune and Chennai, with special pre-launch prices starting at just Rs.29.9 lakh.

Tata Value Homes had earlier made booking available through an exclusive partnership with Snapdeal. Later on, they had launched their own housing website This clearly states that TATA had seen good luck with selling homes online. had recently launched customized online rental agreements for its Bangalore users. They had also secured $100 million in funding from SoftBank.

Here is a video to better understand the newly launched feature:

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