[Overheard] Google Launching Checkout in India [In Partnership with TimesofMoney]

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It seems Google is launching Checkout in India, in partnership with TimesofMoney.

Google earlier partnered with TimesofMoney for adwords payment and though Checkout has been launched in several other countries (apart from US/UK), India is still not in the list of countries where sellers can sell using the Checkout service.

Google Checkout is an alternative checkout flow you can use to process sales. While Checkout is designed primarily for transactions involving tangible and digital goods, you may also process transactions for services, subscriptions, and donations and will enable small businesses to sell online (minus hassles).

An important perspective to keep in mind is that Google recently extended support for Paid Apps in India, though Indian developers still need a mechanism to sell their apps in Android marketplace – and Checkout launch is what closes the loop.

Given that there are no easy Paypal alternatives in India, there is a huge demand in the current setup and we only hope that Google launches Checkout at the earliest.

What’s your take?

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  1. Vaibhav

    I don’t get the gist of this article, if I am correct , you are implying that this rumour if true will allow indian developers to sell their app in app store, it’s awesome

  2. Bharat

    The purpose of Google Checkout could be to mainly set the stage for the launch of Google Offers (the would-be Groupon competitor) in India.

  3. Upasana Taku

    If this overheard news is true, its great news! The payments space in India today is very lacking in innovation. The more new players with good technology and product we have the better it is for the ecommerce startup ecosystem.

  4. Dhaval Samani

    I hope they soon launch their services in India because at the moment, the current players are so looting the small/medium start-ups by their sky rocketing set-up fees and per transaction charges.

  5. ROHan

    Any update so as when they are finally coming to India?

    I am planning to offer card payment solutions on my website, but the payment gateways here are not that cordial.

    Many for example out a plan on their website that shows low cost but when you call their customer care, they tell you that the plan is not available at the moment or the plans have been revised.

    Also, many providers treat “services” quite differently compared to “products”.

  6. Deepak

    I think the grim picture of Payment options in India is mainly due to the RBI intervention rather than innovation. Due to this, even in Google Checkout does come to India, their service is probably going to be very limited (Just like Paypal now)

  7. aditya menon

    I can’t wait! Soooo many of my customers would love me for installing a payment processor who is none other than the trusted loved mammoth, GOOOOOGLLEEEEE!

    I love you Google, don’t you love my country India? Come here soon, we’re waiting with open arms!

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