Global Startups

Get Rid Of Bookmark Clutter With FavSync, an Automatic Bookmark Organizer

The product offers a number of tools for organizing your bookmarks, other than just collecting them, like you can hide your bookmarks, publish them, assign keyboard shortcuts, clean dead, unused and duplicate bookmarks, archive bookmarks, search inside bookmarks without opening them and more.

Soundice Lets You Listen to All Your Favorite Tunes Ad Free

Soundice is a music player application accessible via the web browser, that users can use for free, without any limits and in-ads. It has readymade radio chart playlists and also gives you a way to create your own. Perfect for queuing up music for a long day.

Sokanu is One Step to Finding that Perfect Career

Sokanu is a career-focused startup company, from Canada, that helps people find their perfect career. Members answer questions about their interests, values, and skills, and are matched to the careers with which the site deems compatible to them.

Paris Based inKoming Wants to Streamline Recruitment

If you are one of those people being bombarded with job applications on e-mail, try inKoming, a startup based in Paris that will unlutter and streamline the process. inKoming, is an Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software for staffing agencies