Warning: Getting Calls From a +224 Number? Do Not Answer

There seems to some kind of ‘scam’ going on with a certain call on your mobile, which when answered deducts Rs.45/minute(~$1) from...

There seems to some kind of ‘scam’ going on with a certain call on your mobile, which when answered deducts Rs.45/minute(~$1) from your talktime balance. The said calls are reported from the following numbers +22455104323 and +22455104324. There have been total 3 reported cases so far of the call, 2 of which resulted in talktime deduction and the third was not answered. Though #missedcallscam was trending in Twitter Mumbai today but it was the same tweet getting RTed, so not much of a chaos.

The number which might look like a Mumbai number on the first look, given the 022 STD code, actually is an 11 digit international number and resonates with the African country Guinea that has calling code of +224 and the country follows a 8 digit standard phone number.

At this moment there is no certainty as to what this number is and if this is true or rumor. In case you get a call and you have no relatives in that little African country, avoid answering it.

A random search revealed some forum discussing this number for past couple of months but no case of balance deduction was reported.

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  1. prave says:

    I got missed call from + 224 78 60 09 54 and got miss call couple of times, but didn’t answer as I know these scams and also these 11 digits international number. just reporting this number to make sure, if anybody gets a call from this number, an alarm can be raised.

  2. Gagan says:

    i got a call from +22478601170 at 05:41 in the morning. I missed answering it.

  3. vishu says:

    i also got a call from this number +22 478601170

  4. Suraj says:

    I got a call from no. +22478601170 & +22478601908, One time I Missed this call and I have attendent this call once. Please reply me was that risky and what can do to prevent this?

  5. Aanu says:

    I have got some calls from –
    +224-78601170 – night 11pm
    +224-78601196 – morning 6 am.
    Please donot attend the calls from these as they are really spam from Guinea south Africa. They deduct 50 Inr. + Data from your android phone.
    I live in delhi.

  6. jitendra says:

    i got call from +224 7860 1290. today now. but by mistake it got received. so is there any prb? after searching in google, this code belongs to guiena south africa. i have no any relative there. what to do now . plz tell , if there is any prb. and whoom should i inform abt this number. plz tell me , if anyone know.

  7. Mohit says:

    Toady I got a call in the morning. When I made a call, my balance deducted and I heard some nonsense stuff over the phone. The lady is discussing some vulgar things with a guy. Don’t know what is it all about but don’t attend or call back to this kind of number. The number is +224 78 60 11 70

  8. kumar says:

    Yesterday and today I got missed call from +22478902120 same issue how to report and a home to report on this

  9. Staffan says:

    I got one from: +224 78409621

  10. rahul says:

    Since last two days I am getting miss call from this no. +22478902120

  11. Anushka says:

    I am getting missed calls from +2247861192 last 5-6 days about 8-10 times a day :/

  12. S says:

    How does answering a call deduct your balance? Calling back would, but not answering it.

  13. Sandy Mandela says:

    I got it too Rahul but didn’t answer it… Jus hang up whenever it comes up…

  14. Ksheer Sagar Verma says:

    Hi I’m Ksheer from Delhi (INDIA) . I got this missed call from +22478601303 (8:53 AM) and +22478601594 (9:02 AM) and i answered the call on no. +22478601303 but no one was on the other side (speaking something). So driven by curiosity i called the number +22478601303 (My Truecaller app said this number was from “Guinea”. It cost me Rs.45/minute(~$1). For 2 minutes i lost Rs90/-. Guys it was really bad experiance for me.
    #Don’t call back when you get missed call from an ISD number. (Strongly Recommeded)

  15. Dinesh says:

    I also got a call from the number +22478696044 at 11:04 PM today but I did not answer that. After checking the details, it looks like a spam number and not to be answered. Please be aware and not respond to these calls.

  16. Ankit says:

    I have also got the call from guinea south Africa n it seems to be a scam. It get missed call and I got this call in morning at 3.09 a.m
    The number is as follows 224-78696044

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