Warning: Getting Calls From a +224 Number? Do Not Answer

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There seems to some kind of ‘scam’ going on with a certain call on your mobile, which when answered deducts Rs.45/minute(~$1) from your talktime balance. The said calls are reported from the following numbers +22455104323 and +22455104324. There have been total 3 reported cases so far of the call, 2 of which resulted in talktime deduction and the third was not answered. Though #missedcallscam was trending in Twitter Mumbai today but it was the same tweet getting RTed, so not much of a chaos.

The number which might look like a Mumbai number on the first look, given the 022 STD code, actually is an 11 digit international number and resonates with the African country Guinea that has calling code of +224 and the country follows a 8 digit standard phone number.

At this moment there is no certainty as to what this number is and if this is true or rumor. In case you get a call and you have no relatives in that little African country, avoid answering it.

A random search revealed some forum discussing this number for past couple of months but no case of balance deduction was reported.

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  1. Anumakonda Jagadeesh

    I received a call from +224 78400004 which I missed. When I called back some strange voice was heard and within seconds Rs. 40 was deducted on my BSNL Mobile Number. Beware. You could be next!

  2. Rajiv Kaushal

    Today, I received call from +22470400960. I immediately pick phone but other side disconnected immediate. Thank God, BSNL have not deducted anything.

  3. Sam Abd

    I just received a missed call from +22455104393 and i didn't answer … Be ware !

  4. Selvam Km

    i got a missed call from a similar number i call them to help whether they got wrong number and to assist but the reply from the other side was zig zag i warm them and close phone when i check my phone i found i lost 13 riyals per 45 seconds…beware of this numbers and do not reply them…

  5. Ahmed Aly

    I received a missed call from +224 55102130, but luckily I didn't have any credit left in my phone so no harm was done :D and then I searched for the country code +224 on Googleed and found this article , Thanks allot for this info……

  6. Anonymous

    Just got a call from +224 78300033. I missed it and started searching and found this page, thanks I saved few bucks.

  7. Sayed Samir

    i got missed from same num 22455100002/ 22455100001 also if you know any thang about this num pleas teall me

  8. Milan Toma

    looks like saudi numbers are target. i also got missed call from +224 55200905. i didn't call back.

    1. shreenivas.rt

      I got a missed call from this no ‘+224 70029420′ I dont really know why people just do this kind of sh!t…..

  9. Reshmi Mazumdar

    2day I got call from +22478400711.. thankful to this article savd my money.

  10. Sarah Hiew

    Received a call from this no. +224 70600374. Nvr picked up…

  11. Edbert Ancheta

    me too.Today I received a missed call from this # +224 70040006.. I track the country code and this code is from Reublic of Guinea at west Africa. So if you don't have any relatives there, don't answer a call from them. It is a scam call..

  12. Stuart Cecil

    +224 70500003. First call last night on my Qatar work mobile. second call today on my Qatar personal mobile. Both my phones are Qtel.

    Just pi$$ed off that no matter how I try and protect my phone numbers, and neither these numbers are very old, they fall into the hands of scammers………or financial advisors. I'm readying myself for morning, noon and night nuisance calls…..

  13. Nadz MarSal

    Same here fellas, got a missed calls recently from these codes/ numbers. Good thing I bothered to research on this first before falling into devil's trap. Be warned everyone.

  14. Taka Sukunami Tomahome

    I got a call just right now the number is +22470600623.

  15. Khaled Hmd

    I have received a miss call from +22470300006 and +970595568859.

  16. Pilar Francisco

    all the bad elements. My son and his family was in Manila for an urgent medical attention for his 3 year old son. Imagine, the wife's bag was slashed. The slasher was disappointed because there's nothing in the bag. They only have fare to go to hospital and home and money for food. They went to PGH so that they won't spend much.

  17. Selvaraj Anthonysamy

    Selvaraj Anthonysamy, DOHA-QATAR.

    I have also received two calls from the same ISD code. One was from +22470500003 on 19th Jul
    and another one was from +224706006623 on24th Jul. As the calls were early in the morning, I could not attend.

  18. Hadi Zr

    behold. … Let me be your savior. ..
    just download Mr . number android app. ….and then you will be allowed to block these scam numbers

  19. Don Dan Pielago Javier

    just recieved a missed call from +22470010009.

  20. Bahar Vkj

    I got a miss call today 03 Aug 2013 from – +22478111191.

  21. Anonymous

    I too received a call this morning from 224 70200010, which looking at the country code (Guinea), I didn't answer. Some mala fide intention behind all these calls.

  22. Anonymous

    I also got miss call from this number.to clarify I got a call for this number +224 70200017.there was a girl and she try to make a conversation.after 2 3 minutes my credit finished.

  23. Momochi Zabuza

    ive got a missed call from +224 70014651 I tried to call back but no one is answering. then ive got a message from my network operator that 17minutes of my intl talk time balance has been deducted to my account.

  24. Naila Abu El Ela

    I received a call from this number +22470800547 and I didn't answer , thnks a lot for warning

  25. Jenskie Infante

    I also received a missed call fr the same no who miss called you,,it's already twice,yesterday and today

  26. Noor Azian Fakurazi

    I missed a call from +224 781 117 88 and looked up for the country code +224 and saw this page.

  27. ???? ???????

    I am receiving many missed calls from +22470000430 and I didn't answer the calls. I tried to answer 1 time it was like nobody talking.

  28. Pweedy Princezz Pearl

    I misd a kal frm dis no..+22478111212 and no 1 was tlkn ..jx heard noise like people having sex and my crdt is finishd..:-( i didnt noe it was a scam.


  29. Amieibibama Wilcox

    Wow…very funni jst recieved one +224 78 00 05 16, was slpin. Tried callin back they told me insufficent crdt…I resorted to checkin the code nd I got dis.

  30. Mass Shiara Usuf

    That's the number for me too! Crazy fools. Some foreign recording was on.

  31. Anonymous

    Have been getting tons of miss call from this similar numbers, the recent ones are +22478602969, +22478907728, +22478000529, 23221342303, 23221340763.

  32. Wael Magdy Besada

    I received a missed call from +22470014002 then I googled to find this nice article

  33. Natalie G. Nahas

    It seems the numbers are so different :s i got a call now too and googled it and found this article !

    224 70 01 40 03

  34. Ricoa Gutierrez

    Received a missed call today by this number +22478111788 …..thanks for this I-NET info…..

  35. Hamudi Mohamed

    I had a missed call from a strange number….I searched the thing out I got here……but it's from a different number than the two mentioned above….+224 78 50 05 33
    As far as I know I'm not expecting calls from guinea….anyways it's very good to search such stuff and find it all explained like that over here…

  36. Sandy George

    i got a msg saying i won a car and to claim it call +22470030000

  37. Kehinde A Adeoya

    I picked a call from this number +2392204642 and it deducted a big sum from my credit, so when I got a call from this number: +22478111322, I did not pick it. Thanks for this information.

  38. Aishel Zel Raliuga Issap

    i recieved a missed call from +22479115051….then i looked up for the country code +224 and saw this page…im so lucky i didnt answer…thanks for the info…

  39. Elizabeth Abaoag

    i missed a call from +22455200953 beware of this number.

  40. Sajida Sultana

    I also got two missed calls from +224 78601908 rather calling back on this no. I thought to look for the country code on Google and found this article thankfully I didn’t answer the call nor called back

  41. Shiv

    I received a missed call from +224 78111310 and when I called back, there was no ring tone, the call connected immediately with another call discussing about some filthy discussion in Hindi. Disconnected immediately and saw that Rs. 45 was deducted from my balance!!!!!

  42. Ganesh Patwal

    Iwoke up this morning and found a missed call from the number +224 78 60 12 90 I was curious to know thank u google for your infos!

  43. akhil

    dont call it as a fake call dear friends +224 is international dialling code for guinea and charges for calling africa from india is 45 rupees thats why amount is being deducted from your bal grop up you bunch of idiots

  44. Preeti yadav

    I too got 4 missed calls from this no.- +22478601908 at 4 in the morning.
    But I was sleeping so didn’t answered it. Thought to call it back but found this article. Thanks a lot.

  45. Abhi

    How in this world would incoming call deduct your balance? (Agreed that in case of cheats like Airtel or Reliance they can deduct for anything even when receiving local calls) but otherwise (in India and other countries where incoming is free) there is no way you are being scammed by incoming calls. They however just give a miss call so ppl who dial back get charged heavily. Don’t be idiotic.

  46. sachin

    +224 got call frm this number, African country code.
    please do not answer.

  47. duke arora

    I regularly receive call from difrrent numbers starting from +224 and when answered no one speak .

  48. Osama

    I am in UAE , Injust received a call from +224 78192439 , I did not answer , please be aware…….

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