DailyDose: GE pushing into software says CEO Jeff Immelt & FB- Zynga deal revamped


Facebook, Zynga revamp partnership: Deal struck in 2010 was amended. Zynga stock falls 12 %. The game company now has a freer hand to operate standalone gaming site but does not have ability to promote site on Facebook.

Zynga Loosens Its Deal With Facebook: No Longer Tied To Facebook Ad Units, Credits, Or Exclusivity

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Microsoft Said to Plan Next Xbox Console for 2013 Holiday Season

China Mafia-Style Hack Attack Drives California Firm to Brink: For three years, a group of hackers from China waged a relentless campaign of cyber harassment against Solid Oak Software Inc, a California based company.

Groupon CEO Mason to Stay After Directors Discuss His Tenure: 32 year old college music major, Andrew Mason will stay on as CEO.

GE CEO Immelt embraces software; VC Andreessen embraces hardware: General electric is pushing into software, its Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt said.

Twitter in legal spat over data clampdown: Does Twitter own all the user generated content? A court in San Francisco will decide soon.

Top 5 New Features In iTunes 11: iCloud Integration, New Interface, Up Next, And More

Start-Up Chile Hosts Its 3rd Demo Day, Announces The 105 Startups In Its Next Class

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