List of Free CRM Solution for Startups and Small Businesses

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In continuation with our theme on Free software for startups, here is presenting a list of CRM software that are of use  to small businesses.

An open source software, VTiger is available in Windows as well as Linux platform. The features are  deep enough to fit the needs of any Small Businesses – VTiger also has a marketplace for free and commercial addons.

Zoho CRM offers a comprehensive suite of product – right from apps to docs. The free version applies to only 3 users, but the company has recently launched an aggressive campaign (Zwitch) to pitch it’s cost effectiveness against Salesforce.
Salesforce pretty much defined the SAAS CRM business, and while personal edition is free, enterprise edition is priced on a usage basis.


FreeCRM is a web based software solution for customer relationship management and sales force  automation. Free CRM (free edition comes with banned ads) is good option for contact and lead tracking, sales and contact management, sales pipeline management and forecasting, customer service and business management.
The professional edition covers 128-bit SSL, advanced synchronization options, Vonage VoIP support, Unlimited Data storage etc.

Other limited free options include SugarCRM, Highrise, LeadSimplified, Talisma and BatchBook.

Which CRM software do you use?


        1. Rohit

          Do you know that the vTiger is a fork of Sugar CRM only? It was very smart of them to take the source code while it was still all open and free… and keep it that way, unlike SugarCRM…

          Zoho and vTiger also have the same parent company. Its so interesting :)

  1. Sridhar (

    A lot of startups cos try CRM systems … find them too Bureaucratic and lacking in easy ways to collaborate … and switch back to XL or Google Docs … if u are one of those try Highrise. from … easy to use and intuitive … built on “Less is More” philosophy of 37signals … Not free but worth a spin in the 30 day trial.

  2. newbe

    Take a look at MY IMS Free CRM.
    It is Open Source (source can be found at and free for 25 users.

  3. niladri

    I tried using Vtiger but found it bit difficult for users with limited technical knowledge. Sugar crm community edition is better and easier to understand from a laymans perspective.

    And the community edition is FREE.

  4. Zoorey

    Zoorey, one stop shop provides you support for monitoring every single activity that happens in your webpage with on demand crm, live sw and web monitoring system. click here to know more

  5. Manish Singh Bisht

    Free CRM & Sales Software
    Manage Price List, Lead, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Tasks, Cases, Invoices and many more features.
    Its full edition is free to use and you have to pay only if data increase after a certain size.

    So you can start free & pay only as you grow!

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