FireFox Download day – Goofups and Cake from IE

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Not sure whether FireFox has finally made it to Guinness book of world records, but one thing was quite clear –

FF didn’t plan for the download traffic.. There were major goofups in the entire operation:

  • Wrong link
    Even though they sent the mass mailers, they were probably too busy to update the download site. Shashi, one of the readers got the download mail and clicking on the link took him to FF 2 download page!!
  • Capacity Planning
    The Firefox site ( was down for quite some time and is “mis”behaving randomly (sometimes works, sometimes not).

These are operational issues of a product launch, but not sure why Firefox can’t take care of such things (especially after all the marketing hoopla they created)

Aside, Microsoft sent out an IE cake to Firefox! congratulating them on the release (very awesome!) [via] Do you think Firefox guys should eat the cake? :D

pic: ie team cake


  1. Sridhar Oruganti

    I emphatize with the ff team.Prod releases have heavy demands and such minor(!) botches are getting common.Though I am following the ff3 downloads whether it would make the record,I am pretty much happy with my Opera 9.5;-)
    It shows great camaraderie by the IE.Kudos to them too.Healthy competition is welcome.

  2. Punkedge

    there were goofups in activity but i really did like they way they went abt it. ofcourse execution is wht must have let them down. also tho i have IE,Safari,FF3 & opera 9.5 .. and im sold to opera.

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