Evobi –Making Education a Child’s Play

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If you were ever interested in education space, you must have come across the famous experiment called ‘Hole in the Wall’ (no reference to Pogo show), which essentially demonstrates the power of ‘learning by doing’ and this is precisely what Evobi team is working on – i.e. ditch the theoretical part and get on to some practical fun.

Evobi has built BiBox which functions like a brain for the device it is connected to – so you can make a toy dance, or walk as you like it to.

Bi-Box comes in with Bi-Sof, which is simple user intuitive software which induces intelligence in Bi-Box (i.e. lets you define the workflow).

Here is the product demo

Evobi conducts workshops in different schools and is in, so to say market creation phase.
What’s your take on Evobi’s BiBox? What stops schools from using such learning mechanisms?

Note/Disclosure: Evobi is part of TiE EAP programme (and I was in the selection committe of the same).


  1. Rohit

    What stops schools from using this? What’s in for the already overloaded and underpaid teachers? How much can a school make from this?

  2. Kasi

    @Rohit you are ON-DOT.
    your questions gives the answer … this may not sell as a product in schools but could sell as product to the parents…that is my humble feedback after interacting with schools for more than 2-years.

    MIT has a software (no-hardware though!!) scratch. I am interested in that for two things…1) of course it is free and 2) i am interested in educating my son through puter intelligently.

    Good luck Evobi team.


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