KhojGuru Brings Discount Coupons in NCR Region

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We have profiled couple of discount coupon services in the past (Valkub,,MoneySaver,  Offersforshoppers and Open2Save) and the beauty of this industry is that it is as difficult to crack (as defragmented as local search market) and on top of that, it is time dependent as well (coupons are valid for certain duration only).

But the good news is that organized retail is triggering the need for such services, especially when you bring SMS as a delivery channel.

The latest to join this space is Delhi based startup called KhojGuru which is started by guys from IIT D/DCE and IIM A.

Like any other discount service, KhojGuru khojgurulets you search for discount coupons and download them as mobile coupons or a simple printout.

The startup is currently active only in NCR region and what really attracted my attention was the traffic that Khojguru has been receiving (Alexa rank* of ~26K, quite high as compared to other services) – result of good seo and interlinking of content.

While you can download discount coupons from the site, you can also buy Khojguru’s discount pack booklet (for Rs. 99/) which contains 49 coupons and is valid till end of this year (though I have questioned the logic behind the discount books earlier and it still seems to be an alien concept to me).

The site UI is neatly done – though a serious suggestion to the team would be to take off the google ads (heck! you aren’t a content site).

The company, in my humble opinion is trying to overlap some of it’s offering with local search service (like reviews/add a business) which is something that they should think twice about. Infact, if reviews are so important, tie up with any local search service to show an aggregated review/rating – but focus on the main thing, i.e. discount (case of intent mismatch).

If you are from NCR region, do give Khojguru a spin and share your comments/feedback on the overall experience.

* – We do know that Alexa rank cannot be trusted completely, but it is a decent indicator of one’s traffic.


  1. Vviek

    Great site (Also love open2save interface), but surely, as you said a hard nut to break. I am sure you are wondering why would someone pay money to buy the booklets. However corporates are latching on to such booklets more and more as part of corporate gifting. I have myself sold 20k such booklets to some companies. So there is some value building up there.

    I run Intellex Marketing, another coupon marketing firm with a different model. Coupon marketing is a mix of promotional and advertising medium. As price sensitive you may call Indians to be, most of them care about large ticket discounts on consumer durables or lifestyle services.

  2. Krishna

    If I remember right, these guys got mentioned in an article about ex-Lehman employees. Maybe thats where the traffic is coming from..:-)

  3. Guru

    A neat site which seems to have borrowed its layout from local search players as you have said. I am unclear on what the site brings to the users – I dont see myself “searching” for a deal. I know what I want to buy but to express it in search terms is tough unless I know the brand name – I need a polo tshirt, but dont show me a company which sells tshirts because it matches the text. I think this needs to be more of a recommendation system as opposed to match system. I think value of the system is in recommending new places to people (especially eateries, pubs, clubs etc) and to introduce relevant clientele to new shops – this is where understanding the users interests will help. If the discounting item is the primary motive then they would be breeding a fickle breed and customers wont be sticky unless they are able to offer more and more discounts. Large brands offer only seasonal discounts and maintaining them wont be easy.

    PS : Please remove the Google ads – its conflicting with some of the content too :)

    PS :

  4. Umang

    I don’t understand these web based coupon sites that peddle generic offers at a few outlets…much prefer something like moneysaver where atleast the quality of discount is of a certain min standard and works at a decent number of places.

    and yeah…hopefully someone is making money among all these companies

  5. Pradeep

    Guys i have a questions. is it like if i take the printout of the coupon from any of these sites then and only then i will get a discount else i won’t?? In most of the cases i suppose if store is offering discount, it is open to every one who visits the store isn’t that true at least for most of the cases like BIG Bazaar, Pentaloons etc?

    How if some one can offer a Monthly booklet featuring the discounts/offers available in the local market?? Will business be interested in paying for such ads specially if the booklet is distributed free of cost to the (targeted) consumers via newspaper insertion or something like that?

    What do you think?


  6. nitin

    Thanks very much for your feedback. We will keep working and improving.

    Dear Pradeep, as for your question, the likelihood is low that you will get these offers without using the coupon. For now, we are more focused on categories on which you typically dont get offers.

    Dear Umang, if you are based in delhi-NCR, you will find our coupon acceptance at 500+ outlets. 98%+ cases you will also find the coupon to be 15% off or more including some vouchers which give free gifts and free vouchers. Your feedback is appreciated and we will continue to add more outlets and offers.

    Thanks again
    Nitin @ Khojguru

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