Cool Widgets for your phone with Plusmo

Plusmo is bringing plethora of widgets to your mobile (including iPhone).plusmo

Funded by ex-Googlers and advised by Prof. Rajeev Motwani (details), Plusmo boasts of ~20,000 mobile widgets across categories like News, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Fashion etc.

Apart from cool widgets, what’s really awesome about Plusmo is the localization effect that the team has built.

If you are from India, Plusmo will show you the relevant widgets from local newspapers (like ToI, HT) and what really takes the cake is the scroller/ticker (like this). For e.g., if you have subscribed to feeds, the Dynamic ticker cycles through all unread articles and widget update messages.

Plusmo, in a way reminds me of webaroo’s webpacks, bundled app based on a specific context information (like city news etc) – just that Plusmo is way too cool and online than webaroo was.

plusmo mobile widgets

Plusmo supports over 450 devices, including Blackberry/iPhone and averages about 10,000 million mobile page views a month.

Give Plusmo a spin and share your comments/feedbacks.