8 Recommended Technology Tools That Enhance Student Learning
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The speedy and extensive application of educational technology made a major overhaul on how knowledge is contemplated and taught in the classroom.

Guide To Improve Your App Store Ranking
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FreeCharge, for users who might not know about it, is a recharge app with a difference. We reward our users for every recharge that they perform. And yes, we’re available […]

Why Pivoting Is Not Failure! Some Just Choose Evolution
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Few people remember that YouTube actually began as “Tune In Hook Up”, a video dating site!

India’s Information IWay : The Future Could Be Here Soon [GovTech]
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For a country with 40+ temperatures across Summer, nightime is good for great business?

Bad News : Service Tax On Online Advertising Will Be Applicable From Oct 1st
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The exemption has now been withdrawn and Digital Ads no more form a part of the Negative List of Services.

7 Ways How Social Media Is Killing Your Real-World Relationships
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Our physical space is constantly punctuated by notifications, alerts and beeps!

Startup Ethics: To Steal or Not To Steal?
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We’re supposed to be lifting each other up as entrepreneurs, not trying to tear each other down.