Delhi is the Tech Capital?

The Day Zomato Trolled Bangaloreans (Geeks)..And Got Trolled Back..

For sure, techies who were planning to move to NCR now know that Zomato is hiring – which is why this cheesy campaign works! Hats off to Zomato to pull off a good, viral one!!

An Open Letter to AAP, The Startup.

An Open Letter to AAP, The Startup.

You fought and fought with all your efforts. You dared to challenge the big guns. You dared to think BIG

Talking Failure @UnPluggd

Introducing : #BraveTalk at UnPluggd [May 24th/Bangalore]

Yes, there has been a general talk around celebrating startup failures, but most of it has been a lip-service. We strongly believe that the community first needs to talk about startup failures and accept it as part-and-parcel of the game.

Hawaa Hawaai Movie

Hawaa Hawaai : A Movie Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Right from bootstrapping (the poor kids didn’t have money to buy skates, so they make one out of scrap material) to DIY learning (learns from the coach while serving tea), the movie is well crafted and connects with those who dream a dream.

Thank You For The #bigMagic At #bigMobilityConf.

Thank You For The #bigMagic At #bigMobilityConf.

The #bigMobilityConf was a huge success. On behalf of team NextBigWhat, I’d like to thank everybody for the amazing conference.

bigMobilityConf : April 26th, Bangalore

bigMobilityConf : Calling Entrepreneurs, App Developers, Tough Questions And Growth Mindset!

‘When you are the smartest guy (or girl) in the room, just leave the room” [an interesting PoV by a fellow entrepreneur]

Most of the app developers are NOT leaving the room. They are enjoying the download numbers, which compare nothing with global counterparts.

Blinders For Entrepreneurs

Worried About Competition? Don’t Be. Put Blinders!

So you are working on your startup for the last 6 months and suddenly you notice that your compeition has announced a massive round of funding (from a top notch VC firm)! Cuts like a Knife? Feels like a punch…


The Very Cool User OnBoarding Experience That Deserves A Mention [No Slacking Here]

One of the most important element of user onboarding is to reduce friction during profile completion. Making it a progressive process helps, instead of being a gatekeeper (which most of the products do)