AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal, while addressing a group of traders in Delhi has called Ecommerce business ‘an online scam’.

Online Vs. Offline Retailers : The War is ON
Online Vs. Offline Retailers : The War is ON

“Investigation is the only alternative left with us. Selling an item which costs Rs 20 for Rs 18 is no business logic.”
He also added that “party is not opposed to ecommerce because of its convenience to customers. “

This raises an important question on short-term vs. long term outlook of politicians towards the rising tech industries which are competing with the offline industry head-on. Ofcourse, offline players aren’t too happy with the online players, but the smarter ones are trying to fit-in.

As we have said earlier, government needs to ease #SellInIndia reforms before we go big bang on #MakeInIndia.

And till we fix that, everything that government says about supporting entrepreneurship is a scam.