Amazon Kindle in India – Shipping starts October 19th

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Amazon has announced plans to ship Kindle to 100 more countries, including India in order to gain market share in the nascent ereader market.

As per a report by Forrester Research, e-reader sales will total an estimated 3 million this year, with Amazon selling 60 percent of them and Sony Corp. 35 percent (source).

Amazon sells 48 Kindle copies for every 100 physical copies of books that it offers in both formats – which essentially shows the growth opportunity in this space (Jeff Bezos even went on to say that in future, they expect to sell more books in Kindle edition as compared to physical).

The international edition will start shipping from October 19th and if you are a voracious reader, you can pre order Kindle right away (link).

As far as Kindle/AT&T tie-up is concerned, International users will be able to download books using GPRS out of the box or via USB.feat-libr-300px._V251249390_[1]

Kindle Price in India

Add a minimum shipping price+ import duty of $150 to the device price (i.e. $279) and the overall price can easily go beyond $400+ (the unlocked Android phone for Indian developers was priced at $624, when the base price was $399!).

Update: Amazon confirmed to us that the Kindle price is $400.

Kindle Features

  • Slim and Trim: At just over a third of an inch thin (0.36 inches) and weighing just over 10 ounces, Kindle is pencil thin and lighter than a typical paperback.
  • Reads Like Real Paper: Kindle’s 6-inch electronic ink display reads like printed words on paper because the screen works using real ink and doesn’t use a backlight, eliminating the eyestrain and glare associated with other electronic displays.
  • Stores Up To 1,500 Books: Kindle’s 2 GB of memory holds up to 1,500 books and Kindle books are automatically backed up by Amazon so customers can re-download titles from their library.
  • Read For Weeks On A Single Charge: Kindle’s electronic ink display sips battery power so users can read for over two weeks with wireless turned off and up to four days on a single charge with wireless on.
  • Read-To-Me: With the experimental Text-To-Speech feature, Kindle can read most newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud.
  • Automatically Syncs With Kindle and Kindle Compatible Devices: Amazon’s “Whispersync” technology automatically syncs customers’ last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across Kindle with U.S. & International Wireless, Kindle with U.S. Wireless, Kindle DX, and Kindle compatible devices like Kindle for iPhone.
  • Wirelessly Receive and Read Personal Documents: Wirelessly send, receive, and read personal documents in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Word and PDF.
  • Instant Dictionary Lookup: Kindle comes with the New Oxford American Dictionary and over 250,000 definitions that appear instantly at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose Text Size: Kindle lets readers customize their reading preference by providing six different text sizes.
  • Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights: By using the QWERTY keyboard Kindle users can add annotations to text, as well as highlight and clip key passages and bookmark pages for future use.

The worldwide launch is aptly timed as festival season is just around the corner and expect Amazon to show great numbers next year.

Will you go for the device? How much price are you willing to pay for Kindle?


  1. arjun

    wow now the kids can dream of getting rid of the bags n books…:)

  2. arvind

    Kindle and clones will do exactly the same thing to the pulp books, that CD’s did to cassettes…and thereafter, internet will take over! To good for the trees…:)

    I m lovin it…:)

  3. Srikanth

    If we go by the iPhone pricing model, if Kindle is Rs. 13,000 in US, it will be Rs. 72 lakhs (shipping and handling extra, tips not included, charger to purchased separately) in India.

  4. Pratyush

    Srikanth – can you explain the pricing – seems absurd.

    I think whatever the price pointis, it will be too high for the average Indian cunsumer and hence acceptability will be very less – like the iPhone.

    The Indian market is highly price sensitive and unless they swweten the deal with some artifical subsidies, I think this will be a non-starter.

    Rich guys like Arvind are already salivating I see :)

    1. Arvind

      Gulp! Rich??? Dood I am still waiting for the beer you promised the last time…:)

    2. Srikanth

      Dude, I was being facetious…

      I don’t have too much hopes that it will be reasonably priced, and as Danesh has indicated below, it will have to be well nigh below 10K to have an audience in India.

      Per my experience, 1 USD translates (in consumer mindspace) to about Rs. 25 in India..forget the exchange rate. So if a market successful device has a price point of USD 260, it has a good potential in India at a price point of Rs. 6500.

      Actually, yeah, that is the price that would tempt me to buy one.

      Slim hopes of that happening though…

  5. Danesh

    Any pricing over Rs.10k will mean that this is intended only for the niche upper middle-class. For mass market appeal, it needs to be priced under Rs. 10k. Also, with several low-priced touch screen phones coming out, it will not be an easy entry for sure.

    1. arjun

      Evaluation would take into account for the differential of 1500 books hard-paper-back books that you’d otherwise spend on…right!! :-)

    2. gaurav

      i completely agree. you easily get nice touch screens offering nice readig experince (if not excellent) below 8K.

  6. p raja

    Dont you think we stop being materialistic bitches, and start making stuff like these in India.

  7. Anand

    Its tough for Kindle to get easy entry in Indian market…. I think:

    1. Its Kindle 1.0 and not Kindle DX !!!
    2. Even Kindle is available at same price(even consider 0 for shipping and duties) $279 ~~ INR 13,500+. Its still a costly option cosidering, its just a reader. We still have to buy books from amazon only (in $$$ and our credit cards will rip us off in FX conversions) and i might get cheaper from say flipkart easily.
    3. It won’t support any other ebooks apartb from bought from amazon !!!! (like how in Sony Reader u can read free 65000+ books from google).
    4. GPRS charges to download books!!!

    1. Kris

      Can we only read ebooks from Amazon on Kindle? Doesnt it have a pdf reader where we can read any pdf files we have?

  8. Ashish

    What the makers of ebook reader should do is, sell the devices at a lower costs and try to make money by selling more copies of ebooks. The biggest problem with any device is getting properly formatted ebook.

    Also, the manufacturers should tie up with local newspapers/magazines/publishers (english & Indian Languages) to make sure that more content is available. There could be lot of ‘raw’ free content available on the web, but if its not properly formatted, no-one will like to use it.

    I personally like the idea of using an ebook reader (but only with properly formatted content). How about EEE for ebooks !

  9. FN

    Was trying to sell an e-book via Amazon (and it’s Kindle) in the US, but found, to my dismay, that I could not do so unless I had a US bank account! Ain’t that unfair?

  10. Nishith

    Does anyone have a handson experience of using Kindle in India.

  11. Jithendra

    my views more or less conforms to yours on the price and affordability aspect. But hey, if anybody notices you holding a kindle : nobody will come to know whether you are reading a 500 pages book or a 3 page essay

  12. Amit

    Most people in US are buying kindle as books cost lower with Kindle compared to the print edition. But its the opposite in India.

    For example, the book Superfreakonomics costs $30 in print edition in US, and costs $10 with Kindle in US. Whereas, the same book costs around Rs 300 in India for print edition and costs nearly Rs 560 ($12) with Kindle in India.
    Till this discrepancy is sorted out, kindle will not become hugely popular in India.

  13. Giri

    Is it true that Kindle will support only books downloaded from Amazone? Can’t I copy a pdf that I created to Kindle?

    1. Susa

      Yes you can, but if you copy a pdf directly onto the Kindle you cant use features like zoom, annotate, etc. You’ve got to convert it into Kindle friendly format (easily done through converters)

  14. vivek k mishra

    well its a great invention in the world of education and media…..

  15. madpab

    wel. for the Indian market any product priced this high won’t be a mass puller.. and the scenario where genuine books are being priced around 90 bucks and being sold on a discount for rs.65 over the net, this product is bound to fail!!

  16. Gaurav

    Someone I know got a Kindle DX, must say an absolutely fabulous piece! About time Amazon folks started selling it India big time at a price Indians wouldn’t mind paying. Trust me, nobody in India wants to pay 30-40% extra on shipping etc.

  17. Naveen

    Kindle is not for India. It is too costly. In 20000.00 one may purchase 100 – 150 new books instead of a device to read the books. Indian market is highly price sensitive. Real book lovers in India cannot afford anything above Rs. 10000.00. So in India this product shall reach semi-literate, page 3 people with deep pockets but not the culture or education.

    Moreover, is this compatible with photographs, graphics and Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi etc. ? Can one read Hindi or Urdu books on Kindle and see photographs ? There are no answers.

    N K Maithani

  18. Shaminder

    If you buy Kindle 3 (latest generation) wifi+ shipping and handling + Tax and import duty, it costs US $ 273.25 from India( today’s ICICI conversation is Rs. 11990. I think it will be nearly same as wink will be after tax and shipping. May be more. If you compare kindle is much more than wink in many aspects. I would buy Kindle through They will take care of shipping and duty fee etc, for you. Yes, you may have to pay little for currency conversion to your visa or mastercard credit card or to ATM, ask your bank.

  19. shabnam

    my uncle has gifted me kindle.he stays in us and i in can i download my books in kindle? i also want to know about books available in kindle store so that i can download it.thank you.please reply.

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