About NextBigWhat

Started as Pluggd.in, We are now NextBigWhat.com, and looking at integrating and interacting with the world at our terms and in our way. Just like India and Indian entrepreneurs are starting to do.

Our Journey

What started as an experiment, a side-project turned into a full-time obsession and well, we ended up creating a media business (in its earlier avatar, it was called  Pluggd.in) that competes with global players.

NextBigWhat is our biggest and most ambitious plan around covering technology startups globally and importantly, connect global entrepreneurs with each other.

As far as our focus is concerned, we continue to cover a lot of India specific startups and digital media news, but expect us to storm the global arena with same red-eyed passion as we have been covering the Indian ecosystem.

Our readership is primarily composed of entrepreneurs, VCs, Geeks, Techies, Business Grads etc; and we work closely with the entrepreneurial community to help building kickass stuff! And if you are one of those who are ticking with energy to explode in the near future, NextBigWhat will definitely find you.

Looking for a candid feedback of your product? Send us a plug – we promise to give you unbiased and useful feedback that will help you in placing the best first foot forward. If you are an investors, link with us for due diligence of your potential investments.

Like all good products, we always look at bright ideas to improve ourself and get better. Please share your comment/suggestions.

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Pluggd.in helped us establish our brand by featuring our products.We got many important business leads after this-clients were directly approaching us!. Apart from all this , Pluggd.in reveiw-pit was a real test lab for us to get feedback and validation from the end users on our products and services.

“Thanks to Ashish & team , Pluggd.in is one place no startup should miss out at any cost and without any doubt i would say Pluggd.in the techcrunch for Indian startups!” – Deepak Ravindran,Co-founder & CEO.”

“The swiftness with with Pluggd operates is impressive. If there is a startup story out there that we need to know, then pluggd has covered it. I am trying to resist the cliche` “Techcrunch of India”, but I unable to. I request you to read NextBigWhat.com regularly” – Shivku, Founder & CEO, Roopit.”

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-Ashish Sinha, Founder.

Ashish Sinha
An entrepreneur, Ashish is gradate of IIT Roorkee & IIM Bangalore and has handled various functions (focused on Product Management) at companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies and IBM. He has worked in enterprise industry for ~7 years and then moved onto his passion, i.e. the consumer industry [more]