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Introducing bigMobiConf Speaker : Sunit On Modern Design Strategy For Mobile Apps

At our upcoming mobile conference, we are (as always) bringing in the DOERs and practitioners from the mobile ecosystem – the ones who are at the forefront of India’s mobile revolution.

The bigMobiConf will bring 500+ mobile startups, app developers and investors together. We aim to bring a lot of actionable insights to the audience – delivered by the DOERs themselves.

bigMobiConf Details

Date : Sep 12th [9 AM – 6 PM]
Venue : MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar [Bangalore]
Ticketing: The super early bird discount is ON. Use the code TAKEOFF to grab yours!

Today, we introduce one of the speakers at bigMobilityConf , Sunit Sharma of Carwale.

Sunit is the head of design at Carwale and carries more than 10+ years of dedicated experience in mobility and has earlier worked for CarWale, Snapdeal, India today, Times of India, 2ergo UK etc.

In his own words:

” I have seen tremendous growth in mobile app design strategies and this is the era of achieving things fast and surprise the world.sunit-sharma

Over these years, I have innovated app designs and strategies and would like to share the same with the world. Few topics or pointer of the conference would be:

a) Designing for product is different and how do you achieve it.

b) Modern mobile style guideline for stakeholders in the company.

c) How to speed you design approach by 60% in this mobile world.

d) How do we achieve innovation in design with tight timelines & less resources.

e) What kind of key metrics and number would give you success in mobile app design.

The Nomination For bigMobilityConf Speaking Slot Is Open [Calling ProductGeeks]

NextBigWhats bigMobilityConf is scheduled for Sep 12th (Bangalore) and as with our conferences, we bring in great mix of early adopters, investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

While we are working on bringing a few amazing speakers at the conference, we are also opening up the speaking slot to NextBigWhat’s amazing readers, especially the founders and ProductGeeks.

To make it actionable, we have also listed down some of the key topics we are inviting speakers for.

– App Design : Key lessons learned.

– App Growth techniques : ASO etc.

– Wearables and the India story.

– Data & Insights related to India’s Mobile and consumer tech landscape.

bigMobilityConf : Speaker Selection Critieria ?

Simple : You need to be the DOER for the topic you are applying for.

We don’t really give much weightage to whom you work for/your designation etc, but definitely we are looking for speakers who will bring a ‘Oh Shit!! That was effing cool‘ moment at bigMobilityConf.

PS : We will not consider ANY entry from PR/marketing team. The speaker needs to fill up the details personally.

bigMobilityConf Details

Date: Sep 12th
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Bangalore.
Apply for demo: Apply for the product launch stage, Takeoff.
Ticketing Details : use the code ‘DRIP’ to grab your super early bird discount (link).

Speaker Application Form

Introducing bigMobilityConf 2015 : A Conference For The Brave New Mobile World [Sep 12 @Bangalore]

A lot has changed over the last few months. The consumer startups are going app-only model. Investors are investing heavily in the brave new mobile-first models and so is the industry. New mobile monetization models are emerging.
In fact, mobile is the way forward for India and expect the brave new world of bigMobility to disrupt a lot of businesses and existing models in the country.

Introducing bigMobilityConf, a conference that brings deep focus on mobility businesses,  startups, app developers and importantly, bridges the gap between marketers and geeks.


We talk everything mobility under the sun  – right from marketing to product management to monetization to the 3Ds of mobility business – Design, Discovery And Distribution; to the future of mobility, i.e IoT and wearables.

In the past we used to do 2 editions of bigMobilityConf every year, but this time around we decided to go all-in and do 1 mega bigMobilityConf which will bring together 1000+ startups, developers, investors and the productgeeks.

The next edition of bigMobilityConf is scheduled for September 12th in Bangalore (Venue: MLR Convention Center) preceded by a roadshow in NCR (August, TBA).


Treat this as a heads up for the conference. As with any NextBigWhat conference, the focus will be on amazing content and actionable insights.

We will be opening up the speaker and startup application form on July 24th. But for the early adopters out there, go ahead and block your seat (and grab 40% early bird discount, code : DRIP).

A Look At Hot Job Skills Of 2014 [LinkedIn India Data] : PR and Comm Above App Development

LinkedIn analysed the skills and experience data of its 332+ million members worldwide, including over 28+ million members in India to identify the skill categories that belonged to those members that had either changed employer or appeared in a recruiter’s search during 2014.linkedin-logo

Here goes the top 25 list:

1.    Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
2.      Storage Systems and Management
3.      Cloud and Distributed Computing
4.      PR and Communications
5.      Network and Information Security
6.      Social Media Marketing
7.      Algorithm Design
8.      Perl/Python/Ruby
9.      Web Architecture and Development Framework
10.  Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
11.  User Interface Design
12.  Data Presentation
13.  Economics
14.  Mobile Development
15.  Virtualization
16.  Public Policy and International Relations
17.  Digital and Online Marketing
18.  Business Intelligence
19.  Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
20.  Game Development
21.  Middleware and Integration Software
22.  Market Research and Insights
23.  Shell Scripting Languages
24.  SEO/SEM Marketing
25.  Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Note that the results of this analysis represent the world seen through the lens of LinkedIn data.
As such, it is influenced by how members choose to use the site, which can vary based on professional, social, and regional culture, as well as overall site availability and accessibility. These variances were not accounted for in the analysis.

UnPluggd FAQs : Spot Registration; Live Streaming..and more

We are receiving several queries with respect to UnPluggd conference and below FAQs will help answer most of these:

Talking Failure @UnPluggd
Talking Failure @UnPluggd

Qn: Event Venue/Date?

Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Marathahalli, Bangalore (venue map).

Date : December 6th (this Saturday).

Qn: Livestreaming?

We will not be livestreaming the conference. UnPluggd is best experienced as a community! If you aren’t able to make it, follow the hashtag #unpluggd.

Qn: UnPluggd Agenda?

A powerful one. Check it out here.

Qn: I have a discount coupon (for the ticket). Can I use it at the venue?

If at all you have a discount coupon, it can only be availed online. We have embedded the payment option towards the end of this FAQ post*.

Qn: Can I directly come over and pay at the venue?

Yes. We are accepting spot registration. Ticket price at the spot registration is INR 1800 (for conference) and INR 3000 (for conference + networking evening)

Qn: Who are the speakers?

The entire list of speakers and topic is here.

Qn: Hold on! Who are the VCs attending the event? I mean, why attend otherwise?

Well, every fund worth their fund is attending UnPluggd! A whole lot of angels are also coming over (with $$ to invest).

Having said that, one thing we’d like to stress on is that meeting investors shouldn’t be the utmost reason to attend UnPluggd. Attend UnPluggd to meet entrepreneurs and several DOERs of this space, which also includes investors.

Qn: What’s the official hashtag?

The official hashtag is #unpluggd

– Make sure to share your moment of the day using Twitter or other apps (Instagram, Vine, Flickr). Tag with #UnPluggd and share on Twitter.

– Also, you can upload pictures on Flickr and tag them UnPluggd.

Qn: How can I contact you?

Email to (phone : Ankit / +9 198459 86241).

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : Announced!
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 20% discount!!
Got questions? Ask :

Introducing Ezetap Founder, Abhijit Bose At UnPluggd.

UnPluggd is scheduled for December 6th (this Saturday) in Bangalore and we are happy to announce Ezetap founder, Abhijit Bose as a speaker at the conference.ABHIJIT-BOSE-CEO-and-Co-Founder-Ezetap-Mobile-Solutions-e1417433276973

UnPluggd is largely about sharing and learning from others and Ezetap is one of the finest execution in payment space!

The company launched in 2012 recently signed up a massive partnership deal with SBI and also launched an innovative Chota ATM product. Ezetap has raised funding from Amex, Helion, Social+Capital, Peter Thiel, AngelPrime and others.

Ezetap is one of the finest execution in mobile PoS space and at UnPluggd, Abhijit will share Ezetap journey – from building a hardware startup in the country to signing up partnerships (like SBI etc).

You should plan to attend his session if you are keen on learning growth and persistence!

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 20% discount!!
Got questions? Ask :

Block your seat right away!

UnPluggd : Grab 40% Discount This Weekend

This weekend, grab 40% discounts on UnPluggd tickets.

We are super excited about the conference and the opportunity it brings to entrepreneurs. At UnPluggd, our focus has always been to bring amazing insights to entrepreneurs, play the connector role super-effecively and importantly, create an ecosystem that brings actionable insight to the audience.

The next conference is scheduled for December 6th (next Saturday/Bangalore) and it’s going to be super amazing. Some of the topics include:

#Scaling Up.
Hear Dhiraj Rajaram of MuSigma talk scaling up and lessons learned while building up.

#Startup Lessons Learned
Hear founders of companies like UrbanLadder, Indix and others share startup lessons learned while building the business.

Hear some candid advice from founders of companies like Wishberg, Inteollcut, NotionInk talking about rejections and struggles that every entrepreneur has to go through.
10 startups will launch at UnPluggd. These are the NextBigWhats!

And ofcourse, we have several geeks, entrepreneurs, investors, angels attending the conference – expect an amazing day, followed by a super cool networking evening.

This is a weekend before UnPluggd and we are giving away 40% discount (which lasts only till Nov 30th). The prices will go up (in all probability, we will close the networking evening tickets by Monday, as we are almost sold out).

Go ahead and book your tickets. Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab your 40% discount.



Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30 40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend]

Got questions? Ask :

PS : You won’t get this offer again. We are trying to be as affordable to founders, so do share with those who you think should be attending UnPluggd!
PPS : Ticket prices go up starting Monday.

Talking About Entrepreneurship Phases, This Founder Has Seen-It-All. Meet Rohan @UnPluggd

Very few founders are *lucky* enough to see the different flavors of entrepreneurship in a short span of time.

‘Survival’.’Fame’. ‘Rejections’. “Being Written Off’. ‘Survival’. ‘Growth’. ‘Still Trying’

Meet Rohan Shravan, Founder of NotionInk.
Rohan is one of the few entrepreneurs in India who have really pushed the envelope. They launched global products, created massive buzz, sold stuff, got written off, managed to survive and well, today Cain is one of the finest product in its segment!

Hear Rohan share-it-all at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup conference.

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount:Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30 40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend].

Got questions? Ask :

Deadline Alert : Today Is The Last Day To Apply For UnPluggd Launch Stage


November 22nd (today) is the last date to apply for the UnPluggd launch stage.

Talking Failure @UnPluggd

Before you go ahead and apply, please read ‘Top Reasons to NOT Launch Your Startup @UnPluggd‘.

UnPluggd brings amazing traction to launch startups and this time, we are making it extremely special (more on that will be announced at UnPluggd!).

To those who have already applied, you’d have got an update by now. If you have made it to the first stage, you will hear from us very soon.

UnPluggd Launch Application Form

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
 Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30  40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend]

Got questions? Ask :

Introducing : BraveTalk At UnPluggd [Failure. Survival And Everything In Between]

Startups are about iterations – some work and some don’t. And many a times, they don’t. So what happens to those entrepreneurs? What happens to those lessons?

While the world tend to celebrate success (more so, equating funding news to success), the truth is that there are several founders who are struggling and some are brave enough to talk it out.

Introducing. . At UnPluggd.

BraveTalk at UnPluggd brings together some real lessons around shutdown, struggles, failures, being written off that founders have been through. These are the lessons that nobody talks in public forum, except at UnPluggd.

Introducing the first speaker as part of BraveTalk session.

Pravin Of Wishberg.pravin-beingpractical

Till recently Pravin (@BeingPractical) was the Founder & CEO of Wishberg, one of the most looked up startups in India.

At UnPluggd, Pravin will talk about his journey of starting Wishberg.

Topic : “If I Startup Again…” 

Wishberg was acqui-hired by FreeCharge recently.
Like every other entrepreneur, Pravin started with the aim of building a large billion dollar company but unfortunately that was not the outcome of his entrepreneurial journey. He shares his mistakes, failures, learnings, experiences from his 1000 day journey, and things he would do when he will startup again.

If you are an entrepreneur who is willing to share-it-all at BraveTalk session, please do apply using this form.

UnPluggd Winter Edition Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30  40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend, i.e .Nov 24th].
Use the ticketing widget below.

Got questions? Ask :

Wanna know what happens at BraveTalk? Watch this video. Kingsley pretty much sets the standard for others!

Scaling Down Before Scaling Up : Introducing UnPluggd Speaker, Ashish Goel [UrbanLadder]

Startups are all about scaling up. But UrbanLadder took a very different approach to build scale. They scaled down their operations after raising funding (read this interview with cofounder, Rajiv).

Ashish Goel, UrbanLadder Cofounder
Ashish Goel, UrbanLadder Cofounder

has demonstrated the value of building a niche business in ecommerce space which is mostly crowded now. The company has gone through its own journey of market creation and importantly, a decision to scale down before scaling up!

At UnPluggd, hear some amazing product insights from Ashish Goel – right from product management fundamentals to growth hacking. To quickly share, UrbanLadder did a lot of quirky UX implementation to create the right positioning among the buyers and if you are an entrepreneur going through questions around product/market fit or related to scaling up, you should surely attend this session!

UrbanLadder was launched in July 2012 by co-founders Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa with the aim of making a million beautiful Indian homes. The company recently raised funding from Ratan Tata  and earlier raised $21mn in Series B.

If you are an entrepreneur who is wobbled with too many mn$ funding news, come over to UnPluggd and listen up to some of the real challenges founders have been through. Hear founders talk some serious shit! Only at UnPluggd !!

UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
The event wil be followed by networking evening (buy the tickets here).
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount: Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30 40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend].

Got questions? Ask :

A Quick Update On UnPluggd Launch Stage Application Process [Deadline : November 22nd]

UnPluggd launch stage application is ON and the last day to submit your application is Nov 22nd, 23:59 PM.

To those who have submitted the details, you would have received an update from us (check spam folder). To the ones who have made it to the first round, expect the final update by tomorrow.

The launch application deadline is November 22nd and while we are overwhelmed with the application numbers this time, we are first processing applications that have come from outside Bangalore. We want to ensure that founders don’t end up spending a lot of money in travel. Please bear with us!

The Launch Application Form

UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30% discount!! [valid only till this weekend]
Got questions? Ask :

Zoho Brings Zoholics to India : Happening on Nov 20th and 21st [Bangalore]

Zoho has announced Zoholics India,  their innovations event at Bangalore on the 20 and 21 of November 2014. The event will be held at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.zoho-pottery

Speaking at the two day event are Sridhar Vembu – CEO of Zoho, Raju Vegensa and Rajendran Dandapani – Evangelists at Zoho, Vijay Sundgaran – CSO at ZOHO, Sridhar Iyengar –  VP of product management and other prominent people from Zoho.

From design and development to customer service, we’ve learnt a lot from our failures in every dimension and would love to share our lessons with you at our first ever event in India.

Zoho, previously AdventNet, was established in Chennai in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and has offices in USA, China and Japan. The company was completely bootstrapped and has never secured investments from external ventures.

Zoholics is surely a recommended conference for those who are keen on understanding building global product businesses from India and how Zoho cracked distribution/marketing in the world dominated by Salesforce and Google.

Hop here for complete details about the event.

[Zoho is a sponsor on NextBigWhat.]

Say Yappy Birthday To NextBigWhat !

It’s been two years since we rebranded from to NextBigWhat and the journey so far has been full of fun and energy.

Happy Birthday NextBigWhat
Happy Birthday NextBigWhat

We are making some massive changes in the way we look at startups and content and like any article on NextBigWhat, let me share this with you in a short and to-the-point manner.

What’s NextBigWhat For NextBigWhat?

We started with a vision to be most useful platform for startups/entrepreneurs and the ecosystem . There is a great momentum of startups in the country and for us, this is the time to stay ahead in the game and drive the next revolution.

There are a few changes that we are bringing to the table and I’d like to share with you. You are the reason why we exist and all of our readers / lovers / haters are part of the extended family (let’s call it NextBigFamily).

A few important changes:

– Platforms.
We never considered ourselves a news/ media outlet. I don’t belong to media business and we’d rather build on our strength – i.e. product thinking. We are platformizing majority of NextBigWhat (first announcement is due tomorrow).

We play 3C role in the ecosystem : Connector, Cheerleader and Critic. And platform approach is THE approach to go for us.

– News
We believe that industry coverage is an important element, but that cannot be THE biggest focus area for us. We have always been about interesting perspective, debates and heated conversations (not so much about ‘how 3 IITians started <blah> or ‘Exclusive : <blah> has raised undisclosed funding from undisclosed investors’ ).

Going forward, we will tone down our news coverage and instead focus on bringing more perspective and analysis. Expect a lot of ‘’ styled articles.

What does this translate to?
More opinions (more typos :) / hey! did you check the title?).
We aren’t hiring experienced journalists (especially the ones who want to write breaking pieces/collect quotes) anymore. Given our platform focus, we want to bring a lot of people with interesting perspective and smart take on industry updates (if you are one, please talk to us). Plus, we are opening the floodgates for interesting guest authors and doers (more on that later).

From a news coverage point of view, we are soon launching a completely new format for news consumption.

Our 10 commandments
We live by our 10 commandments. We do not do exclusive funding news, especially for angel/early stage startups. When in doubt, we lean towards the entrepreneur.

We continue to do focused conferences – UnPluggd is already the most inspirational, useful and respected startup event in the country, and formats like bigMobilityConf has shaped up damn well!

The coming year is a big one for NextBigWhat, as it is for Indian Entrepreneurship. It’s an exciting time ahead. And we’re looking forward to playing an enabler/ supporting role in this – egging folks on to dream bigger, bridging the gaps with the real world, asking the tough questions and bringing diverse, wide and unique perspectives to the table so it helps entrepreneurs and product teams truly make a difference, not just some money.

We’d love to have your testimonials, wishes, comments, suggestions whatever – leave us a note! Just say, Hi !

  • Were we useful? Please tell !
  • How can we improve?

PS : Sincere apologies to entrepreneurs whose mail I haven’t managed to reply. I am red-eyed focus on building the platform and please be patient for another few days, before we reveal the NextBigThing to you!

– Ashish Sinha / On Behalf of the Team.

PS : We are hiring and looking for people who want to be a part of the next big revolution. The ones who want to play a big role in new media platform space. The ones who can think and do.

The UnPluggd Hackathon : Everything You Need To Know

NextBigWhat’s upcoming hackathon is scheduled for November 15th and 16th and here is all what you need to know about the hackathon.apphackathon.jpg

The BigIdea

At NextBigWhat hackathon, we have always focused on actionable ideas and hacks that can be covered into PoCs (and eventually, startups!). If you are sitting on an idea, looking to grow the existing one – the NextBigWhat hackathon is a perfect place to be.

The hackathon doesn’t end with the hackathon
We will work closely with selected hackers after the hackathon and have them demo a working prototype @UnPluggd ! Nothing like ideation -> massive launch in 3 weeks.


What Can I Hack Around?

A) Your own idea.

B) A few selected Indian startup APIs.

C) ofcourse, relevant APIs and frameworks that you want to use.

When/Where/With Whom?

November 15th and 16th | Venue : Paytm Office, Bangalore (HSR layout).

– The Team formation
Can I bring my team ? Yeah. Go ahead and register them all !
What if I don’t have a team? Don’t worry. Come over, pitch your idea and form a team (or join another team). We will be enabling team formation and other discussions online to make it hassle free. hackathon_venue2

We will start the team formation process starting this weekend.

How does this work?

The hackathon starts Saturday morning : ideas are frozen and teams are decided. The hackathon continues till the next day (you need not stay at the venue during the hackathon).
The demo happens on Sunday 6 PM and 3 winning hacks will be selected from these. These winners will get a chance to demo @UnPluggd.

Is this free? Paid?

The hackathon is totally free for those who have bought UnPluggd ticket (they need to however apply for the hackathon/details have already been shared with them in a separate email).

If you just want to only attend the hackathon, go ahead and register here.



Can I bring my team ? Yeah. Go ahead and register them all.
What if I don’t have a team? Don’t worry. Come over, pitch your idea and form a team (or join another team). We will be enabling team formation and other discussions online to make it hassle free.
Who are the mentors? We will announce shortly.
What about lunch, snacks and coffee? Of course, we will take care of that.
What’s not allowed? Your existing codebase (and Himesh Reshamiya songs).
Got questions? Email :

UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli.
Useful links : Register | Apply For Launch Stage