3 Idiots Movie - Free Download on YouTube

3 Idiots to be released on YouTube – Winds of Change? Or PR Exercise? [Updated]

Aamir Khan’s starrer ‘3 Idiots’ will be released on YouTube 12 weeks after the theatre release.

Owing to the deal between 3 idiots producer and YouTube, one would be able to download the movie (for a price) after 12 weeks of the release. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, producer of the movie has taken this bold step owing to the piracy challenges.

Winds of Change?

First and foremost, this is a bold move by any Bollywood producer to embrace the digital platform for movie release (also see: Digitization of Indian Cinema), but the smart move is not just the multi-platform launch.
3 Idiots movie producers have hiked the cost of movie tickets by 35%, so essentially they will extract the cost in three months and make it available for a nominal price later.

3 Idiots Movie - Free Download on YouTube

3 Idiots Movie - Free Download on YouTube

YouTube vs. DTH

“I’m providing this facility for those who can’t see it on big screen and watch pirated movies. I just want them to discourage pirated prints. They just need to wait for 12 weeks and after that they can legally download the movie and watch it. Tomorrow if there is a facility to watch movies on mobile phones, the film will be available there but in appropriate time. We can’t harm our theatrical business by releasing at DTH”- Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Earlier, couple of Bollywood movies have been released on DTH and while YouTube launch sounds democratic in nature (everyone is invited), do you think they is a mere PR exercise?

Downloading a 3 hour movie from Youtube – Given the broadband penetration, only the premium crowd can really afford to do this. And this crowd’s spending powers is pretty much showcased at shopping malls and multiplexes (and is paying 35% more ticket price).

So is this merely a PR exercise? To create buzz (those who really want to watch the movie will watch the movie and will do so in the first few weeks of launch).

Moreover, movies are pirated within the first few days of launch and unless production companies do not make the movies available during this ‘moment of truthful piracy’, I am not sure how much of sense does such initiatives make.

Who is the fourth idiot then?

What’s your take?

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  1. naman

    Indeed a PR exercise.

    If it is a revolutionary initiative to bring down piracy i would really like to know who is this 4th idiot who suckered them into this.

    “Download for a cost” means online transaction, so how do they plan do overcome all sorts of friction involved. Even if i download it 3 months later why not torrent.

    I suppose the NRI junta may get a little attracted by this.

    Its almost like the DVD business. The only commendable sales comes from Corporate gifting. By the time these gifts are given out the movie is pretty stale.

  2. Anand Srinivasan

    I see it more as a marketing ploy..Aamir Khan has always been pretty innovative in marketing his movies, and a release over Youtube and the buzz that follows can really boost up the overseas revenues this time..

  3. ashu

    Do they realize , they will land up dissuading people who would want to watch the movie in a theater .
    Partnering with Technology is good , but if clubbed with stupid ideas it can lead to an irreparable damage .

    1. arvind

      While your concern is genuine, but watching movie in a hall (Big Screen, iMax, 3D, Dolby etc.) does not compare with the experience got on a laptop, home theater (with similar features) etc.

      Poor performance of a movies can most often be attributed to bad execution, lack of elemental story, meaninglessness. A good movie, has in history done well both on internet & movie theater taken together.

      The film industry is slowly beginning to understand this and my opinion is that it’s a good sign.

      1. AP

        I think the realse on youtube is mostly to attract new (non indian) audiance. This would make this movie stand out to the internaltional audience. ‘ One of the idiots’ is actually openning up a new market for this movie. People who normaly dont watch bollywood movie would definlty want to give it a try if it becomes a major hit.

        1. Rajat

          I also agree with you AP.Also from youtube there will be an added advantage of people who would watch the movie again and again over the years, this would draw a regular flow of income for the producers if they have done a deal like that with youtube (similar to royalty given on books).I think more movies will be launched on youtube or hulu this way.Also this would give them solid marketing in western countries.

  4. Jagtesh Chadha

    C’mon, many people in India user unlimited broadband internet connections. They can certainly download the movie. The slowest of the slowest connection today offers 256 kbps. It takes 8 hrs to download a ~700MB movie on that. That’s a single night.

    If you’re one of the still many users using 2 mbps, with nights unlimited, the same feat can be achieved in only 1 hr. I mean, how good is that?!

    But owning to the fact that the movie is 3 hours, it would be twice the size and close to ~1500 MB. The 256 kbps users would have to wait much longer to download. They’re basically f**ed. Can’t help it, that’s evolution. If game developers developed for the lowest graphics cards in the market, we wouldn’t have had Far Cry’s, Crysis’s and Doom3s to play.

    So chill man.

  5. Hiren Shah

    I saw 3 idiots yesterday.It is excellent and Hirani must be complimented for brining about the limitations of the Indian education system in a very interesting manner. One of the main themes of the movie according to me is “follow your heart” Only problem is that in movies, they are not always able to show all aspects of the problem. For instance, many people come to know what is their cup of tea(enjoy doing) only after they start working(In work, we have the possibility of discovering ourselves) and for many, it is too late by then as India does not have structured career trasnsition. “All is well” is not really so in real life. I have twenty one published articles on the subject which are on my blog- Make your passion your profession which also has quotes on the subject from bollywood, cricket, management and other personalities in the quotable quotes section. Other comments on this blog talk about innovative marketing. Maybe this could be one of them

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