Circle of Life

A wants B, B wants C, C wants D and D..? D wants A. That’s circle of life (and wheel of fortune). Watch this interesting

NewsCred – Credibility Meter for News and Blogs

With plethora of news and blog sites mushrooming all the way, it’s really difficult to get rid of the information overload – so how do you judge the ‘most credible news or blog site? Hop to Digg or news aggregators?…

Mukta Arts acquires 51% stake in Coruscant Tec, VAS Content Provider

Subhash Ghai promoted Mukta Arts has acquired 51% stake in Coruscant Tec, VAS provider that develops and markets mobile applications and entertainment solutions/content (ringtones, wallpapers, Video on Demand, applications, m-comics, mobizines, mobiepisodes and

Yahoo India Launches Spotm – Social Networking Portal

Yahoo India has launched SpotM, social network focused on Indian youth segment.

If I Were A Book – Connecting Authors with International Print Publishers

On-Demand Publishing market is still in it’s infancy and guess, the right model still needs to be worked out. We have covered On-Demand companies like Pothi and CinnamonTeal, and the latest to join the gang is If I Were a…

Events Roundup: Startup Fair @ IIM K, Barcamp (Mumbai, Delhi) and More..

Events: Startup-Fair @ IIM K ECell at IIMK is organizing the first ever Start-up Fair on October 4 and 5, 2008. (@ IIM Kozhikode Campus). The idea of organizing a start up fair is to provide a platform to IIM…

Netizens prefer Social Networks over Porn Sites

Raise your hands if you are the type who spends more time on social networks than porn sites! Don’t feel weird, ‘coz you aren’t the only one. Netizens are preferring social networks over porn sites – these are findings from…

Interesting Startups : Aurora Integrated Systems, HexoLabs

Couple of interesting startups we came across recently: Chennai based HexoLabs is a design research company that offers: Advergaming Mobile apps, and Trend Research “Our design methodologies identify emerging

Wipro expands it’s Second Life presence

Wipro launched it’s offshore development center in SecondLife a year back and now they have launched a SOA solutions lab – which gives customers an opportunity to explore the impact of SOA in transforming their organizations to be more agile…

State of Indian Politics (Geeky Joke)

Been a while that we had some light moments @ (remember geeky jokes?). Here is a cool set of cartoons on state of indian politics. Cartton Slideshow On Current Indian Condition View SlideShare presentation