Social Logins : Facebook Grows To 55%; G+ is Number 2 [Q2 Data]

Facebook leads the social logins provider game, especially in regions outside US.

bigMobilityConf : Launch Application Form Is Live; Super Early Bird Discount Ends Today

At the conference, 10 startups/app developers will get a chance to launch/demo their product in front of mobile/telecom sector’s early adopter community – from entrepreneurs to geeks to investors.

Google Maps In Hindi

tarting today, people will be able to see Hindi names for cities, localities, important roads, as well as popular points of interest such as public parks and schools, on the new Google Maps and on Google Maps on Android.

Started Up? A 9 Point Plan For Your First Year [Use Savings, But Not Your Savings Account]

When I started my first business along with my partner, we were guilty of booking business expenses through our own savings accounts. Do not commit this mistake

bigMobility : 64% of Android Developers Are Below The ‘App Poverty Line”

The Have Nothings make up a staggering 88% of developers in total who look more like struggling artists than highly skilled engineers.


Face Save can open up a veritable Pandora’s box of businesses it starts to step on the toes of.

Can Disrupt Brokers?

Will it make a journey from a disruptive product to disruptive business model?

Of UnPluggd, Inspirations And This Entrepreneur Fulfills The Promise Made to His Guru

It all began when I came across this Unpluggd event somewhere on Facebook and thought of attending it. Initially, I was little hesitant to attend; with the inconvenience of travelling between Hyderabad and Bangalore and spending nearly Rs 2600 for the whole ordeal.

Mobile-only Travel Marketplace, SeekSherpa Secures Angel Funding From VentureNursery's Angels

SeekSherpa aims to solve the problem of local immersion, local travel opinion information asymmetry, and local-to-traveller connect.

Buildabazaar App Store

BuildaBazaar has launched third party app store, giving BuildaBazaar merchants new features and tools to increase sales and improve customer experience on their BuildaBazaar stores.