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E-Commerce Firm Tradus Launches Hyperlocal Grocery Service; What Works And What Doesn’t

Tradus has just added Grocery to their ecommerce offering. And with this, gone deeper into hyperlocal – a huge but underserved opportunity in ecommerce.

Now Learn English in Hindi With reCaptcha Inventor's Startup Duolingo

Duolingo, one of the hottest learning startups in the world is launching in Hindi. On the new iOS version of the app, users will be able to learn Hindi as well as its existing set of languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and German.

 WhatsApp Has 48 Mn Users in India, 500 Mn Worldwide

WhatsApp has crossed the 500 Mn active user milestone globally. In India, the messaging app has over 48 million active users.

It’s a Shame India Imports Ganesha Idols From China; This Startup Wants To Change That

The start-up connects mainstream corporates with rural Indian craftsmen with their gifts.Corporate gifts with a social value add is the area of connect.

iPhone Sales in India Double; BlackBerry’s Crisis, Apple’s Opportunity

Apple announced its 2nd quarter results today. While its net profits and revenues saw a marginal increase over the previous quarter, its India sales doubled

After FusionCharts, Pallav Nadhani Is Now On to Two New Startups

FusionCharts’ Pallav Nadhani is now making a bigger bet with two new ventures– Collabion and RazorFlow.

Happy Birthday Sachin! What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Legend

As the master blaster turns 41 on Thursday, we are reminded of a saga of true sportsmanship, humility and innumerable number of records in the world of cricket.

#nwplyng Shuts Down. Founder Shares It All "Fell In Love With The Solution, And Not The Problem"

Fell in love with the solution, and not the problem: I had this idea for a Foursquare for Music app in October’11, and since then I’ve always been too attached to the idea; so much so that I convinced myself that sharing music is a product in itself & not just a feature. Classic rookie 1st startup blunder!


NextBigWhat is happy to announce that we have teamed up with HackerRank to offer HackerRank’s hiring platform to startups who have received under USD 3 million in funding or are earning under USD 1 million in revenue.