8 Recommended Technology Tools That Enhance Student Learning

The speedy and extensive application of educational technology made a major overhaul on how knowledge is contemplated and taught in the classroom.

Weekly Roundup: Flipkart Launches Fulfillment Service, Android One Introduced In India, BigData Firm Acquisitions and more

In case if you missed out on catching up with great pieces from NextBigWhat, here is a summary.

Pearson Makes Seed Investment In Education Startup, Experifun

Pearson believes that Experifun’s product pipeline is innovative, ground breaking, and can dramatically change the face of science education in India.

Bootstrapping a startup

Candidates, when they hear the word ‘bootstrapping company’ tend to assume that the company has NO money to pay.

Nielsen Acquires Indicus Analytics, Economic Research Firm

Indicus Analaytics is a Big Data analytics firm that provides insights about the economy and the consumers, segregated on a micro level.

Firstsource Buys Minority Stake In Nanobi, Bangalore Based Big Data Startup

Big Data startups have huge opportunity and many large enterprises have invested strategically in such firms.

CAIN : Neatly Designed Ultrabook / Tablet

Cain is bundled with a detachable magnetic keyboard cover and a wireless mouse.

Flipkart Launches Fulfillment Service - Flipkart Advantage

With the news on Karnataka tax officials stopping Amazon from providing fulfillment services on tax grounds, Flipkart has recently announced the launch of Flipkart Advantage.

Ad Revenue Contributors

India is expected to be among the fastest-growing market in terms of TV subscription revenue. Television and Print followed by Internet Advertising are expected to be the major contributors to the ad revenue in 2018.