Top 10 Indicators That Your App Has Flopped

People often say “Dont Give Up.” But if you think about it, there are times when you really should give up and move on. When do you really know if you should give up on the app you’ve built? Deepak Abbot of PayTm tells you how to find out.

Weekly Summary

If you missed out on any of the news from the startup world last week, here’s a summary.

Serial Entrepreneur K Ganesh Backs Education Startup Avagmah; To Raise Rs 100 cr

Avagmah, the online education services company backed by serial entrepreneurs K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh, is raising Rs 100 Cr to target Asia’s growing market for online education.


One of the most important element of user onboarding is to reduce friction during profile completion. Making it a progressive process helps, instead of being a gatekeeper (which most of the products do)

20 Commandments of Indian Entrepreneurship League

Design your startup flight plan while taking the cues of brutal turbulence which may help to avoid rough weathers or alter it.

Tracxn Wants To Be the Bloomberg Terminal For VCs

The product is primarily targeted towards VC industry (especially Silicon Valley, where the competition is extremely high), PE funds and Corp developments (for M&A discovery) and is being monetisation via subscription fee.

Forget Apparel & Electronics, Now Buy/Adopt Pets Online

Time For Pet is a startup that lets you find and buy or adopt pets online.

Edu Startup Function Space Raises Seed Funding From Nexus Venture Partners

Social learning network platform Function Space has raised seed funding from Nexus Venture Partners.